Bikini Booty Blast After Baby Circuit!


This is a compilation of a few glute exercises that the moms at Baby Boot Camp love!  We all know that as the belly grew rounder in pregnancy, the booty grew too. Or flattened. Or drooped. Or…well, let’s just say it aint’ looking’ pretty these days.

Here are a few exercises to give you a little derrière lift!

Complete the circuit all on one entire side for 10-12 repetitions and then repeat on the other side.** Repeat until you can no longer take it – THEN DO IT AGAIN.  Because we all know the body believes more than the mind. And no excuses.  You can do this in your PJs, on the playroom floor.  (Intro. by Baby Boot Camp Orlando veteran, mommy of two, love/hate to workout, Darci White, blogger & crafter of The Kitchen and The Cave)

If at any point these exercises are not comfortable on your wrists, you can alleviate the pressure by going down to your forearms or creating a fist so that your wrists are neutral.

Short examples of each exercise are shown below in the video. Be sure to watch for proper form!

Donkey Kick (shown at 0:01 mark): Get on all fours so that your hands are shoulder width apart and your knees are straight below your hips. Bracing your abdominals and keeping your knee bent lift one leg up behind you until it is in line with your body and your foot is parallel to the ceiling. Lower back down to the starting position and repeat with the other leg. Need to modify for wrist issues, you can take it to the wall and do standing or turn your hands into fists so that you create a neutral wrist.

Fire Hydrant (shown at 0:05 mark): Keeping the kneeling position raise left leg out to the side, parallel to the ground. Maintain for a second and slowly return to the initial position. Repeat movement with same leg until set is finished.

Hamstring Curl (shown at 0:08 mark): Keeping in the kneeling position, going straight through all of these without stopping extend you leg back behind you, lifting so your knee is parallel or almost parallel with your hips. Pointing your toe, engaging your abdominals and glutes while keeping your hips parallel to the ground bend at the knee, bringing your heel towards your glute. Extend back and repeat.

Kick Out (shown at 0:14 mark): Same position, but now you are going to kick your foot out to the side. Bend at the knee to bring back in and repeat.

Jane Fonda Cross Overs (shown at 0:17 mark): Extend your leg back behind you again, pointing your toe while touching the ground. Engage your glutes and core to lift at the center and out to your side to tap the ground, bring back toward center and cross over opposite foot to tap the outside of the ground on the other side, repeat left to right.

Clam (shown at 0:29 mark): Lie down on your side with the top leg being the one that you have been working through the circuit. Bend your legs into a lightning bolt and rest the back of your arm (tricep) on top the ground. You can then rest your head on your hand. Be sure to engage your core, line your neck spine and glutes all up behind you so that you are in a straight line. Lift at the knee while keeping your heels and toes touching, lower and repeat.

Glute Rotator {Knee to Knee, Toe to Toe}  (shown at 0:34 mark): Same position. Start by lifting your top foot up while keeping your knees touching, rotate your glute and hips to then open your hips and bring the foot back down and lifting at the knee. It almost feels like you are making a half circle shape with your glutes. Think of opening and closing your hips.

Side Lying Kick Back (shown at 0:40 mark): Last one to top off the burn, don’t STOP! Left your top foot again while your knees stay touching and kick at a 45° angle behind you, almost like you are kicking someone away from you. Bring your knee back down to the other knee and repeat kick back.

Safe for Prenatal Mommas too!! Hit play on your Flo Rida MIX & Get that Booty Movin’, 7 Months Prego!

Warning – especially if the little kids are around – this is the explicit version of Boom Boom Pow! Hit mute if you’d like to see the exercises without the colorful words!

**As with any exercise program, always consult your physician before beginning any exercise program.



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