Blue light glasses: Indisputable reasons why you need a pair


blue light glasses

You’re probably familiar with the blue light glasses trend. Young people, influencers, and even our favorite celebrities are donning these stylish frames, adding a contemporary twist to their current look. While it’s easy to dismiss these fashion trends, when it comes to blue light glasses, there’s more to this fad than meets the eye.  

In fact, blue light glasses do so much more than simply enhance your look, as they actively work to shield your eyes from damaging blue light. Blue light can suppress the hormone melatonin – melatonin regulates sleep and affects everything from our mood to our circadian rhythm. Also, the excessive periods we spend staring into digital screens for both work and play can have a detrimental impact on our vision, leading to headaches, back and neck pain, blurred vision, and even cataracts. In today’s digitized world, we need to take additional steps to preserve our vision and look after our eye health, and investing in blue light glasses can help. 

Blue light glasses are available in a wide range of styles, colors, shapes, materials, designs – even designer frames are available in your required prescription. This means you don’t have to compromise on your style to get the blue light protection you need. 

Here we’ll look at some interesting reasons why you need a pair of blue light glasses. 

So you can enjoy better sleep

Very few of us are getting enough sleep and our exposure to blue light isn’t helping. Due to blue light suppressing our melatonin hormone it can wreak havoc with our sleeping pattern as its job is to help us to relax and unwind after a busy day at work, chasing the kids around, or both! High levels of blue light exposure make it difficult for us to relax, which is why investing in a stunning pair of blue light glasses is key. When you get into the habit of wearing your blue light glasses, you’ll notice a change in your sleep quality.

Reduce the risk of digital eyestrain

We should all take steps to preserve our vision, but with our busy lifestyles, it’s rarely something we think about. This means that conditions such as digital eye strain are more likely to develop, particularly in those who spend prolonged periods looking at digital screens. Investing in blue light glasses can reduce the risk of the uncomfortable symptoms associated with digital eyestrain, including headaches, neck and back pain, blurred vision, dry eyes, and even difficulty focusing.

Digital devices are part of your life

8 hours in the office at your laptop, followed by an evening staring into your smartphonedigital devices play a vital role in our everyday lives, so for those moments when you can’t limit your time in front of a screen, reaching for your blue light glasses will keep your eye health in check.

And finally, you want to look good!

For some, finding the right pair of glasses to complement their style is crucial, and with blue light glasses, you get the best of both worlds. Increased protection from harmful blue light and effortless style will turn heads for all the right reasons.   


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