Finding a new home in a new city can be an overwhelming task. There are resale homes and townhomes, new construction and rental properties to take into consideration. After going through the process of moving from Michigan to Central Florida in 2022, I firmly believe that buying a new construction home is the way to go.

When my husband and I decided to move to Orlando, we had never built a home from scratch before. Our forever home is a new build and we adore it for many reasons. We learned a ton about the process of building a home from literally an empty lot of dirt.

The road to a new construction home isn’t always easy. It can take a long time depending on when you buy into a community and there are many factors along the way that can delay your timing to get into your new home, but the end result is so worth it.

Let me convince you…

  1. Choice of Floor Plan – For us, this was a huge deal because we had some deal breakers about how our home was laid out. For instance, I did not like the idea of having the two bedrooms that our girls would be in at the front of the house. I also wanted them to be able to be close to each other in their new rooms. These two things limited the floor plans we would consider. My husband works from home so an office was a must have for us. Without taking on a remodel, a resale home doesn’t offer the flexibility in floor plans a new construction does.
  2. Control over Finishings – New construction homes come with everything you need (except for a fridge, washing machine and dryer) so the ability to have control over how every finish in your home is a huge benefit. Do you love a white kitchen? Do you hate gold fixtures? Do you prefer carpets to be dark or light colors? Buying a new build home gives you the ability to design the space to your tastes so that the home looks like you would want at move in.
    Our finishes chosen for the kitchen on the computer!

    Seeing the finished kitchen still blows me away.
  3. Getting to Watch your Home be Built – My husband literally stood in our lot (without knowing it at the time) in March of 2022 and to see our forever home there now is surreal to us. Our girls also got to experience the build and they still talk about the days we would walk through the walls before drywall went up. Since we saw the house down to the studs, we also know where everything is in the walls, which will come in handy when we need to hang things on those walls. Checking on the house progress was also a fun family activity when we needed to get out of the rental for a bit for a change of scenery!
    Our empty lot in March of 2022.

    We loved walking through these walls.
  4. Low Maintenance Needs at Move In – Everything in this home is brand new, so our list of things to do has more decorative items on it than anything else. We aren’t waiting to get new floors installed, or walls painted a color we prefer or new appliances to arrive. We are doing a couple of larger projects outside (like adding gutters and a lanai screen to the back porch) but the house is 100% livable and looks prettier than we could have ever imagined!
  5. Everyone in your Neighborhood is New – When we moved into our Michigan home, we were the only new people on the street. This made it a little difficult to make friends and meet our neighbors. But in our new community, literally everyone has recently moved in. Everyone is out and about, watching the still on going construction (which is some fun, free entertainment for my girls) and greeting newcomers to the neighborhood. We are looking forward to our direct next-door neighbors to move in soon so that we can meet them (and hopefully become friends with them)!

Have I convinced you yet that a new construction home is an incredible way to make your dream of living in Central Florida a reality?!

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