Busy Mom's Guide to Better Breakfasts

Congratulations, Mamas! We’ve made it through the first month or so of school and are standing on the edge of the Fall season. Most of us are still rocking our routine with the first of the school year enthusiasm. But. Before you know it, you’ll be racing to and fro faster than you can keep your pumpkin spice latte from sloshing from your cup.

I received our weekly phone from my daughter’s school last night, and my head is already spinning. Fall festivals, book fairs, grandparents’ breakfasts, fundraisers and those are just school events. Don’t even get me started on the holiday run around. Don’t get me wrong; I love the cookie baking and costume making, but darn it if it’s not a bit of a grind, amirite?! It wouldn’t be so bad except for this thing called, uh, life that makes takes it all over the edge.

Since last time I checked, it was frowned upon to feed my kids said cookies for breakfast, and it’s the most important meal of the day (it is!), I am here to make the season upon us a little easier. Yep, I’m here to offer you a week’s worth of breakfast ideas, and because it’s undoubtedly my favorite meal of the day you can bet your Elf on a Shelf (or Mensch on a Bench), they will be delicious. And I’m a busy mom, too – so also fast, and healthy.

So. Let’s get right to it because you have wrapping paper and candles to start selling – like yesterday.

First, things first. What do I mean when I say build better breakfasts? From a nutritional perspective, you want to make sure the early morning meal you put together contains the following elements:

1. Protein

Why: Protein helps to balance blood sugar and maintain mood through out the day. It’s also the building blocks for your child’s body and helps to build muscle and brains. Fun Fact: Kiddos need .5g of protein per body weight per day.
Examples: Yogurt (9g of sugar or less!), Egg, Nut Butter, Milk, Cheese, Nuts.

2. Healthy Fat

Why: We need fat, guys! Think of your child’s brain like a web of telephone wires. The wires are what the messages (or synapses) travel on to get to other parts of the brain. Those wires are insulated with fat, which acts as a conductor. When your child does not get the right amount of fat, those wires lose their insulation and can’t efficiently send and receive messages inside the brain. Lack of good fat (not a trans fat) translates to difficulty learning and thinking in general.
Examples: Butter, Coconut Oil, Peanut Butter, Milk, Cheese, Egg, Avocado, Nuts

3. Complex Carbohydrate

Why: Similar to protein, complex hydrates help balance blood sugar and maintain their mood. They will also help your child feel fuller longer and offer a steady source of energy.
Examples: Potatoes, brown rice (whole grain), whole grain toast, granola or cereal (READ the labels: at least 2g of protein & 5g fiber and less than 5g of sugar per serving.), oatmeal, whole grain pancake/waffle (apply 2/5/5 rule from cereal).

Ok. Now that we have that out of the way let’s get to the good stuff – Breakfast meal plans!

Whole Grain Toast with Butter, Fruit, 1/2 Boiled Egg.

Granola (Cereal remember 2/5/5 rule) with Milk (we use coconut or almond), topped with frozen blue berries and 1/2 boiled egg.

Tip: I like to boil 4-8 eggs over the weekend and keep on hand for grab and go goodness

Whole grain toast (or sandwich) with nut butter and banana and drizzle of honey.

Breakfast Rice Bowl: Combine 1/4-1/2 cup left over brown rice & small handful frozen peas (about 1/4 cup) in a safe microwave bowl. Microwave or 1-1 1/2 minutes. Meanwhile, scramble one egg in the fat of your choice in a small skillet. Add the prepared egg, and butter and salt to taste, to your bowl and enjoy!

Smoothie Jar 
Feeds two small kids (about 1/4 cup ea), 2 Adults (about 3/4 Cup ea)!:
In a Blender (we use the Nutri Bullet)
1 Avocado
1 Banana
Handful of Greens
Handful of frozen blueberries
2 Scoops of Orgain Chocolate Protein Powder (kid safe, just plant proteins!)

8oz Milk (we like coconut or almond)
Blend until smooth
Granola, Optional: sliced strawberries (or fruit of season) and Drizzle Peanut Butter.


At the risk of coming off cliche, I am going to wrap it up with this big red bow: It really, really, is the most important meal of the day. Kids who eat better breakfasts are proven to perform better in school. Both, behaviorally and academically. The meals above are not only healthy, but they are also fast. Think lickity-split, 10 minutes or less. And easy – you could even do it with a Pumpkin Spice Latte in hand.


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