Caring for Elderly Parents


As our parents age, they tend to become more at risk of falling or encountering other emergencies that might put them in danger. As a caregiver, you want to protect your loved ones and get help quickly, especially if they’re living on their own! 

If your loved aging parents live alone, it is necessary to consider buying a personal alarm for them. Moreover, if you think personal alarms may not be effective in caring remotely for our parents as they age, hear us out. 

Why You Should Consider Getting an Alarm for Your Elderly Parents

If you’re worried about the safety of your parents as they age, you should consider getting an alarm for your elderly parents. These devices can be placed at home to monitor falls or while outside to help monitor their physical activity while walking. 

The alarms are small and inconspicuous, so they won’t bother them in their daily activities. You’ll also want to talk with them about using the device so that they know how it works if anything happens.

We hope that you now know how a personal alarm can be a life saver and an absolute must for caring remotely for your loved elderly parents. That said, let’s see some important benefits of these alarms that will make life easy for you as a caregiver. 

Quicker Access To Medical Help

If the elderly person feels weak or tired, it could be difficult for them to get out of bed and search for the phone to call for help. But with a personal alarm, this is not necessary. Also, they can call for help without depending on someone else. This becomes crucial if they fall, get injured or experience a medical emergency.  

Moreover, personal alarms are small and lightweight, so it does not feel heavy around the neck or in their pocket.

Deal With an Intruder

Unfortunately, older adults often fall prey to intruders. The personal alarm can be used to alert a loved one or an emergency responder if there is an intruder in their home.

Peace Of Mind For Family

Knowing that your elderly parents live alone and far from your watchful eye, you can sleep better. They cannot wander off and get lost or end up in an accident. With a personal alarm, you’ll have one less thing to worry about.

The hassle of calling them daily to ask where they are is also reduced. The alarms ensure that they are safe and sound, no matter where they are at the time.

Also, the elderly do not have to be reminded of important tasks (like taking their medicine) or the caregiver having to wake up early in the morning to check on them. Personal alarms these days come with timely notifications for important activities for the elderly that do the job without you having to be around all the time. 

Great Odds of Recovery

As mentioned above, elderly people are more vulnerable to crime as they cannot defend themselves against burglars and intruders due to their old age and slow reflexes. Their slow reflexes also make it difficult for them to escape an attack. 

Apart from scaring off intruders, personal alarm systems can help improve their chances of recovery because they know help is only a button away. As such an alarm system is small and easy to wear, the elderly can carry it everywhere. 

When they press the panic button on the device, it alerts authorities with their exact location. The device will also make noise to draw attention to the situation and scare off any attackers that may still be around.

Final Word

You may not have peace of mind as a caregiver knowing that your elderly live alone, and may need help in an emergency. With a personal alarm, you can sleep peacefully at night, knowing that distance won’t come in the way of helping your elderly when they need it!


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