Spring break is just around the corner, and before you know it, summer will be knocking at our door. Roadtrips, warm beaches, and ice cold lemonade cocktails are calling. The question is, will your family answer the call? Traveling with...
Aside from Disney World  and the rest of the theme parks in our backyard, there are tons of hidden gems around Florida where you can spend spring break with the family. For me personally, a resort that offers kids' camp...

Growing Up Via Spring Break

So we had what one might describe as our most interesting spring break this year. My thirteen-year-old EIGHTH GRADER went on a week-long trip to New York City with only her schoolmates and some teacher and administrator chaperones. No...
Many of us dream of visiting Europe and immersing ourselves into the culture. Starting this week (March 28 - April 6), that dream can be realized right here in Central Florida with CIRQUE ITALIA -- a traditional European event enjoyed in every village, town and city across the “old world.”
In my opinion, there’s no better place to spend spring break with friends and family than on the beach! In fact, I’ll be dipping my babe's tiny toes in our favorite slice of the Atlantic on New Smyrna Beach...
The Spring Break season is upon us! For Seminole County, it begins today, and for the rest of Central Florida it begins next week. If you're anything like me, you are wondering, "What the heck do I do to...



Guide To Orlando

Moving to Orlando

Moving to Orlando? We’ve compiled some posts to help you navigate the City Beautiful. From neighborhoods, to favorite restaurants, coffee shops, parks and more!