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We've LOVE our partnership with Houseparty! This post is a collaboration with our partners Houseparty app. All opinions are my own.

Over the past 8 weeks, at any given moment, someone in my household has been on a video conference.

Everyone…. except me!

And you know why? I’m such a dinosaur at learning new tech-related things. (My daughter Kaitlyn laughed at me when I made this claim, saying “But Mom! You’re a blog owner!”), but I’m serious! The thought of video conferencing paralyzed me.

Teaching Mom a New Trick

If it’s a new social media platform, or perhaps a new app, I tend to distance myself because of two things. One, I always assume it will consume too much of my time. And two, I’ve succumbed to the thought that you can’t teach this old dog a new trick!

Six weeks ago I would have rolled my eyes if you would have told me that I’d be a pro at video conferencing! But quarantine happened, and I needed a way to connect with…well, EVERYONE.

Then Houseparty entered the room.

I was hesitant to “learn” Houseparty. I’ve tried other video conference calls where it’s so complicated. You have to enter a call-in number and/or long code every for every single call and well, it never felt personal. 

This app was so easy. I simply downloaded the app, signed up, added friends, then BOOM. I was on a video call! (Imagine Facetime, but for iPhone and Android users, with everyone on the same screen!)

As I mentioned earlier, I’m hesitant to try new things. Before downloading the app myself, I asked my daughter, Kaitlyn to try it out and show me how to do it. (I know, I know… showing my age here!) I even asked her to write her own testimony and review of the app, so that you could hear some feedback from a newbie (me) and a tech-savvy teenager (Kaitlyn)! So for the first time in OMC history, my daughter Kaitlyn is writing her first blog post entry! (Proud Mama!)

Kaitlyn’s Testimony

Houseparty is a group calling platform that can be used in multiple ways. It isn’t specified for one age, and can be used by everyone! You can have your kids have a playdate on a call, have a fun group call, and much more. You can record a message and send via the Facemail feature for friends who aren’t available to connect. Plus, Houseparty is safe and secure. If you’re worried about unwanted callers joining your chat, you can easily lock the room, securing your call. If you want to add anyone else, you can easily invite them and add them. With this easy to use locking option, it also helps you feel secure if you’re worried about your children on the call.

This app has truly changed my life, especially in this trying time with quarantine. It’s so difficult to not be able to interact with others and not see my friends. With Houseparty, I am able to talk with my friends, play games with them, and it makes it feel like they’re in the room with me. It makes me feel like I am still with them, and gives me comfort even when I can’t see them. 


How to get started!

This is how you use it.

  1. First, I downloaded the app, which didn’t take long at all.
  2. Next, I created an account, which was simple information like your email, name, and phone number.
  3. Next, you could connect with others through your contacts, along with seeing who you know that has the Houseparty app.
  4. When the app is all set up, you can add your friends and you can have fun calls! When someone makes an account that is on your contacts, it automatically sends you a notification in app so that you can add them. It’s safe, private, and is effortless for when you want to see and chat with friends and family. 

(Kristi here, again) Didn’t Kaitlyn do a great job? It was fun to discover this video conferencing app with her. I love how this app is able to not only connect friends and family during quarantine, but we’ll be able to continue using this form of communication long after social distancing is a thing of the past (can you even imagine?)!

Discovering Houseparty is transforming the way our whole family communicates. With one touch of the button, we can all hop on a family video call, do some “Quaran-gaming” together, call grandparents and see them face-to-face, and so much more. This is most definitely one app that I’m thankful I’ve learned.

This mama can still hang with the kiddos. (I’m sure Kaitlyn will roll her eyes at that sentence!)

Until next time, thanks for taking the time to learn about Houseparty!

Kristi (and Kaitlyn!)

For more info about Houseparty, check out their Instagram page! Then be sure to download their app and join the (House)party!


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