Confessions of a Soccer Mom {Plus a Giveaway from Post Cereals!}

We have teamed up with Post Cereals for this sponsored content, but the commentary is 100% genuine. Join us this Wednesday as we go LIVE on Facebook to share an amazing giveaway package, perfect for the Soccer Mom!

I have succumb to the mom jeans (which apparently are cool now?), the top knot, and the Mary Poppins bag that is stocked better than convenient store shelves. I’ve got the corny shirt, the car decal, and the Facebook memes proclaiming my pride. I drive my MomUV to the practice fields multiple times a week, unload my folding chairs, and “hoot n holler” in the most obnoxious and embarrassing way possible. Though I claimed it would never be me, here I am living my best life. I am officially… A SOCCER MOM. 

Two nights a week and early Saturday mornings, you’ll find me on the side lines yelling and clapping, handing out snacks, and retrieving water jugs. My boy is following in his daddy’s foot steps and playing soccer. All three of my kids have played soccer at one point or another when they were itty-bitty. 

However, that clumsy toddler stage has morphed into a sweaty boy stage and let me tell you, it just got real. These soccer games are no joke. Somehow these kids are mini James (Vamos 🇨🇴 Colombia!) and are fiercely aggressive. They are skilled and competitive. I have to remind myself numerous times a game that I may not go out there and demand the little bullies share that ball with my son or I will put their naughty behinds in timeout. Instead I scream like a lunatic for my son from the sidelines to “be aggressive… B.E. aggressive!” 

All jokes aside, I want to set him up for success in his soccer games. The best way I’ve found to help my son be prepared during soccer season is to get a good breakfast in before the early morning games. The kid could eat me out of a house and home so it’s got to be something filling and hearty. We turn to Post Cereals to do just that. Our favorites for packing in the nutrients while keeping the taste are Post Cereals like Honey Bunches of Oats®, Great Grains®, and Grape Nuts ®. 

Somehow, by luck of the draw (hard eye roll), we always get the earliest game on the schedule. Being in Orlando, our team can definitely appreciate getting the game in before the sun decides to roast us but that calls for quick mornings in our house of getting out the door. Post Cereals gives the illusion like I’ve got it all together in soccer mom-land while being simple and stress free. My son knows how to serve himself his favorite bowl of cereal so we can easily have enough time to gather cleats, shin guards, water bottles, and the endless other items before rushing out the door. 

Having a toddler thrown into the mix can also have our Saturday AM’s wrecking of havoc. Thankfully I can toss her dry cereal in a ziplock baggie and she loves to take it on the go. Not all the little pieces make it to her mouth but it’s a solid effort and so worth making it to the soccer field on time (#ripSUVcarpet). My turn to bring team snack? No problem, because I pre-make one of these recipes  from Post Cereals and the kids on the team think I’m the best. 

I never thought I would be the type. Really, I don’t even own a visor and can not even keep up with my planner. But Post Cereals has helped me realize that I can rock this soccer mom gig like the rest of ‘em. We’re all just doing our best at #momlife so why not embrace the things that make it easier on us? The very best part of being a soccer mom? Sitting on the sideline and watching my little boy look back at me with a huge smile because he knows I’m his biggest fan. 


On Wednesday 6/27 at 7:30pm (ish!) we will be going Facebook Live {click here!} on the Orlando Moms Blog main page to giveaway TWO Soccer Mom Survival Kits. 

Included in the kit are: 
• One box of Honey Bunches of Oats Honey Roasted cereal
• One box of Fruity Pebbles cereal
• Soccer themed t-shirt
• Water bottle
• Band Aids
• Ice Pack
• Snack container
• Mini battery operated fan
• Insulated cooler
• Post Cereals Recipes
• Coupons

All you have to do is show up and watch our FB Live and comment during the live broadcast for a chance to enter! Winners will receive the kit via mail. 

Don’t forget:
Limited edition Major League Soccer (MLS) cereal boxes can be found at grocery stores across the country. These boxes feature Topps® MLS player trading card cut-outs.


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