Our COSTCO Must-Haves

Costco is sponsoring this event but we genuinely love Costco and are thrilled to partner with them!


My Must-Haves from Costco

We have three kids, and all three have passed me up in height. So it’s fair to say that we have 5 adult-sized people in our home. This affects my grocery budget like you wouldn’t believe! So shopping intentionally is a priority. If you look at our receipts for groceries, gas, and household items, you shouldn’t be surprised to see this giant warehouse is the main place where we get all of our supplies! My list of must-haves make their way into my cart every shopping trip, and inevitably, I choose the Kirkland Signature brand because I find it just as good as any other name brand items, and many times even better! The Kirkland Signature brand is private-label brand that only Costco carries and you’ll find it on about 20% of the products in your local warehouse, on everything from clothing to laundry detergent, pet food to toilet paper, canned foods to cookware, automotive products to health and beauty aids.

These are our top choices that make it into our cart nearly every time we are at Costco. 

20161014_121743Protein Bars

My son is on the varsity football team this year, which means he goes straight from school to football practice. He needs food. Like all the time. So protein bars are a staple in his backpack. He loves the variety of protein bars that Costco has. 

Milk and Eggs

Unless we are in some sort of emergency situation, Costco is the only place we will buy milk and eggs. Again…my son..football team. We eat A LOT of eggs, people. A LOT!

Laundry Detergent

You guessed it! Football. You’re probably seeing a pattern here. The smells that permeate off of that boy when he comes home can take your breath away. Every night the washing machine does its magic. The Kirkland brand truly works wonders, and dare I say is as good as the detergent I would ONLY use. 

Paper Products

We have purchased toilet paper, paper towel, paper plates, etc. in bulk for YEARS. Once you have kids, buying the soft fluffy toilet paper is not a priority. Instead we buy the humongous 96 roll box (which is safe for septic tanks!). Buying this stuff in bulk is crucial. We have 5 adult size people in this house, remember?!


This needs no explanation. 🙂 


A daily staple in our home is protein balls. I literally make a quadruple batch for my family every Sunday night. It’s a good thing I have a view of the T.V. from my kitchen. I turn on an episode of Chopped and pretend I’m making a gourmet dish for the judges to love.  


I will push my tank to brink of empty if it means I can wait to fill up until my Costco trip. Why? Because they are ALWAYS at least several cents cheaper per gallon than local gas stations. After the van is loaded down with our Kirkland haul, we always finish our trip by filling up the tank! 

Have you been considering a Costco membership?! 
Have you never been to a Costco?! 
Are you a member but want free food and fun with other moms?!

Join us for #CostcoMomHour!

Who :: All Orlando area moms {and their kids}

When :: Friday, November 4 | 9:00 – 10:00am

Where :: Costco Warehouses in Altamonte Springs, E. Orlando (Winter Park), and S. Orlando (Mall at Millenia)

Why :: In partnership with City Moms Blog Network, dozens of Cotsco stores are opening up an hour early JUST for moms. This is your chance to shop for an hour without the masses OR – if you are not yet a member – come see what the Costco fuss is all about. Note :: you do need to be a member in order to make a purchase, but you can browse for free either way!

SAVE $20 ON A MEMBERSHIP :: We’ve got an exclusive membership deal for you!  Every new member who signs up below will receive a $20 Costco Cash Card and $43 in coupons!  This offer pays for itself!  If you upgrade to an executive membership, you’ll receive a second $20 Costco Cash Card!  {Current members will receive a $10 Costco Cash Card for each new member referral through this event.  Must be present at new member sign-up.}  Can’t make it to Costco Mom Hour?  You can still claim this exclusive deal!  Just register below and redeem the offer in store anytime between now and November 4!

Special extras :: At the event, you can expect a continental breakfast and coffee, as well as samples galore throughout the store … the first 100 moms in line will also receive a swag bag full of Kirkland goodies … and during the event there will be some fun giveaways to win as well! There will also be friendly staff members on hand for guided tours and questions.

Cost :: FREE

RSVP :: Join the Facebook event page for updated information and register below

{You MUST register in advance. It’s easy. It’s free. Scroll down til you find Orlando Moms Blog, then select REGISTER at the bottom of the list!}.



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