Custom Greeting Cards Make a Great, Lasting Impression


Businesses today are savvy. They are well aware of the importance of marketing their brand and the value of creating strong customer relationships. Customized greeting cards are key to creating these positive connections with clients, as well as employees and business associates. They’re also simple to create, which is why so many businesses are using custom cards. But it isn’t just the fast turnaround times and competitive rates that make branded greeting cards so popular. When you offer clients, employees, and business associates custom cards with your brand info on the envelope, you create an instant connection with these customers. In fact, the power of this connection is second only to that of the actual card itself.

A customized greeting card can convey a powerful message about your brand and company culture in a very natural way—all without being overly sales-y or overly promotional. Cards can include not only business contact information and your logo, but also company leadership, special offers, and friendly reminders about loyalty programs.

This is why your business should consider custom greeting cards in your marketing plan.

A Unique Way to Market Your Brand

In today’s highly aggressive and dynamic business environment, you must stand out from your competition to attract customers, boost sales, and increase revenues. Having clearly inimitable marketing materials can enable you to stand apart from the competition in your industry and pique the interests of your current and prospective customers. Custom greeting cards that feature your company/business’s name, logo, and brands can be a great way to remind your current and potential customers that you’re in business. It also puts your business/brand ahead of other businesses or brands in the same space.

A Great Way to Add a Personal Touch in Your Marketing Efforts

One thing that is notably missing in many business marketing strategies is the personal touch. Many businesses place a greater emphasis on expanding their reach to a broader audience instead of connecting on an individual level with their customers. Customized business greeting cards offer a great way for you to improve your marketing strategy in a personal and tangible fashion. While sending out tons of emails to your target audience may reach thousands of people, it cannot deliver the personal touch that most of your customers and prospects want in order to feel appreciated.

An Effective Customer Retention Strategy

A notable benefit of using personalized greeting cards in your marketing strategy is that it helps to increase customer retention. Customer retention is a vital element of any marketing strategy since retaining your existing customers is a cost-effective means for ensuring revenue levels remain high. According to research, the cost of customer acquisition can be up to five times more that the cost of retaining current customers.

Increases the Potential for Word-of-Mouth Referrals

When customers have a pleasant and unique experience with a business or brand, they are more likely to share that experience with family, friends, or colleagues. You can start receiving tons of word-of-mouth referrals thanks to a nice experience that a few of your customers shared.

With so many powerful benefits, it’s not hard to see why companies and businesses are offering their customers and prospects personalized business cards. Personalized business cards offer a unique way to market your brand, add a personal touch to your marketing strategy, serve as an effective strategy for retaining customers, and increase the potential for word-of-mouth referrals. 


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