Top 5 things your child’s teacher REALLY wants you to know

Top 5 things your child's teacher REALLY wants you to know
Top 5 things your child’s teacher REALLY wants you to know

Here are some quick things that I want my students’ parents to know. I’m sure this goes for ALL teachers.

ย 1. Be honest… if life just got in the way of getting homework done or anything else, just tell us. We’re human, we understand.

2. Open house is NOT the time to ask how your child is doing in class. There is a reason why there is a conference sign up sheet at open house.

3. We aren’t perfect. We make mistakes, A LOT. Please be kind to us when you notice those mistakes.

4. Read with your child, read to your child. I can’t say that enough. We can’t do it all in only 7 hours. We need YOU to help out. Read with and/or to them EVERY night!

5. We love your child like they were our own. Your child is in great hands. We promise!



  1. You have hit a spot close to my heart with this brief post.

    I am not a teacher, except that I’ve taught Bible classes in church for approximately 60 years. I come from a family of teachers and have always loved and respected them, even as a child. At the present we have 44 adults in our large family of 87. Fifteen of those have degrees and have been in education or are still involved.

    My encouragement to all of your readers…..write a teacher today to thank them!

  2. I used to tell my students that I get to make 18 mistakes a day. My more advanced children really did keep a count each day. I loved it and so did they! My rationale was that they can make mistakes as long as they don’t repeat the same ones over and over again. It was one of my moments of wisdom to teach some life skills.


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