Disney Springs, reopening after COVID-19


Over the weekend, I visited Disney Springs for the first time since it reopened. There was some normalcy in hopping in the car and heading to Disney, but it was, of course, not a normal trip at all.

Here are my Disney Springs reopening takeaways, after COVID-19:

✨Temperature screenings were quick, easy, and totally not a big deal.

✨Everyone wore masks (as is required at Disney Springs) and virtually everyone complied with this policy as they walked around the property. Kids (two years old and older) have to wear masks, as well.

✨It is not easy to wear a mask, push a stroller and talk to your spouse, all while enduring the Floridian heat and humidity. I couldn’t imagine staying for more than 2-3 hours.

✨I suggest going in the morning. It wasn’t terribly crowded when we got there around 10:30, but it did seem to pick up when we were on our way out in the early afternoon.

✨If you want a comfortable, no-stress dining experience, make reservations at a restaurant. We chose to make reservations and request an outdoor table and it took the stress out of lunch.

✨Disney Springs had many touchless hand sanitizer stations. Honestly, I would have liked to have seen more, but it was a good start.

✨The bathrooms were immaculate. I mean, honestly, I was impressed. Disney already has high standards as far as cleanliness goes, but the bathrooms always are a wild card. However, yesterday, every bathroom I went into was clearly meticulously cleaned.

✨Many restaurants and stores were open, but some remain closed. This, ultimately, didn’t really affect our visit, because we were mostly there to just take in the Disney “vibe,” and not really to shop.

Overall, it was still…strange. It certainly wasn’t (as expected) at all like a “normal” visit to Disney Springs, but(!!) Disney really is taking every possible step to make everyone’s visit as safe and comfortable as possible.

I was happy we went, but I’m not really sure when we’ll return for the time being – it’s just so hot. However, if you’re local, you have an advantage: just go for a few hours!

✨No judgement zone: Will you be visiting Disney Springs or the parks (when they reopen)? Comment below!👇

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