Disney Update: What’s It’s Like to Have a Disney Day Now


I’ve got a Disney update for everyone wondering what’s it’s like to have a Disney day now.

If you’ve been curious as to what it’s like to take a stroll through Disney now with the recent changes in mask guidelines, I’ve got you covered! My family and I went for our first, dare I say, normal-feeling Disney day this past weekend and I’ve got all the details!

What it's like at Disney nowDetail #1: Yes, some rules were lifted.

Let’s talk about them.

Disney Update: What's It's Like to Have a Disney Day Now

Do you see what’s different yet?! No masks outside! And, wow, this really made walking around the parks in the Floridian heat so much more enjoyable and super refreshing.

Where do you STILL need to wear masks? Indoors, including bathrooms, in a ride queue, and on the ride itself. Not *everyone* I saw wore masks in the bathroom, but I would say 80% of people I saw followed the rules, and the delightful (and I really mean that – they are all truly a delight) Disney Cast Members would kindly remind anyone who forgot to put on their mask. I was a little stressed going into it, wondering if there would be a lot of confusion but everyone seemed to know the deal with masks, and it was easy breezy for the most part.

Disney Update: What's It's Like to Have a Disney Day Now

There were still signs everywhere reminding people to remain socially distant, but I didn’t notice any specific measurement of distance (for example, three or six feet) mentioned in any of the signs anymore. There were still those markers on the ground to denote where a person needed to stand in line, but as you can see on the garbage can above, the distance measurement seems to be less emphasized now.

Disney Update: What's It's Like to Have a Disney Day Now

What was I most excited about? Strolling with a drink in my hand! If you’ve been to Disney between their reopening during Summer 2020 and just a couple weeks ago, guests had to be STATIONARY to take down their masks and have food or drink. Sadly (but understandably), that meant I couldn’t grab a drink and do my normal sip & stroll situation. But this past weekend with the outdoor mask rule lifted, I was able to grab this delicious, crisp Pear Cider and enjoy it as I walked through Epcot. (If you’re 21 or over, this is a great drink for a hot summer day! You can find it in the U.K. Not too sweet like some ciders, but rather a perfectly light, bubbly, fruity drink that was super tasty.)

Even for my kiddo, it was tough for those months! When he wanted a drink of water, it was a process to pull over, take down his mask, take a drink, put on the mask and keep going. I’m not complaining (we were all about the safety rules Disney put in place this past year!), but it was just…challenging. It felt so easy last week to just be able to take a sip of water as we walked and not feel like it had to be a big production.

Detail #2: The Flower & Garden Festival at Epcot is still happening through July 5th!

Epcot has turned into an almost year-round festival center, and the Flower and Garden Festival is stretched out to early July this year. I’m not complaining! There’s lots to see and do.

Disney Update: What's It's Like to Have a Disney Day Now

We got to check out this beautiful new fairy garden in the courtyard by where British tribute bands would play in the gazebo. (Still missing British Revolution. Will they ever be back, Disney?!) But we will got to hang while my son walked around the hedge maze surrounding the gazebo.

Disney Update: What's It's Like to Have a Disney Day Now

We also got to check out the butterflies inside the Butterfly Garden exhibit as we always love to do, and it didn’t disappoint.

Disney Update: What's It's Like to Have a Disney Day Now Disney Update: What's It's Like to Have a Disney Day Now Disney Update: What's It's Like to Have a Disney Day Now

Detail #3: You still get the magical Disney Experience.

People outside of my Orlando world often wonder why my husband and I like Disney so much. Let me tell you why, right now, with one photo.

Disney Update: What's It's Like to Have a Disney Day Now

As we were waiting to get into the Butterfly Garden, Pooh Bear just came out in the grassy field with a butterfly net and was just skipping around, happily enjoying his afternoon.

Guys, Disney is so good at this stuff. Enriching the experience. Making you forget about any real-world concerns you might’ve had before entering the park. Making you feel like you’re living in a fantastical and wonderful place.

The kids – and adults – in line loved this so much. People recording video, kids yelling, “It’s Pooh!” I bet that made their day, this impromptu Pooh sighting, where it appears he lives here and is just going about his day. And I just love Disney for always trying to innovate new experiences constantly and make everyone’s visit special. You don’t get that really anywhere else.

What it's like at Disney now

Take Away

Disney did its best through 2020 and now into 2021. The company is constantly working to such a high standard to make everyone safe while still bringing that Disney magic to each guest. (I promise this isn’t sponsored! I just really think the company is fantastic.) On a practical note, no masks outside is really, truly fantastic as we enter into the blistering heat of summer. I’m also happy to see the Flower and Garden Festival doing so well!

Disney Update: What's It's Like to Have a Disney Day Now

I hope this helps give you an idea what visiting Disney is like right now. It’s not exactly the same as it was before Covid, but it’s also pretty awesome. I still felt safe. I still felt the magic. What more could I ask for?

Any Disney mamas out there enjoying the parks again? What do you love MOST about your experience? Any Pooh Bear sightings?!

Tell us below!


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