Displaying Christmas Photo Cards
Displaying Christmas Photo Cards

We race to the mailbox in December because we love receiving Christmas photo cards from friends and family. Every year we hang gold ribbon in our kitchen and staple all of our Christmas cards (not just the photo ones) to the ribbon so that we can enjoy the cards all season in the room where we spend most of our time!  I must confess that one year I left the photo card display up until early February because these cards bring me joy.

IMG_6334   IMG_6576

When it is time to take down the card display, I simply cannot toss all the priceless photo memories away.  Instead, I cut the photo cards to fit in a photo album.  I’ve been doing this since 1986 (yes, I realize that some of you reading this were not even born in 1986). Over the years, I have filled two photo albums with Christmas card photos.  Every year when it’s time to add new photos to the album, we all enjoy looking back to see how each family has changed and grown over the years.  It’s scary how quickly babies become college students.




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