DIY Father’s Day Photo Gift




Father’s Day is this weekend, so we’ve put together a quick and easy DIY Father’s Day photo gift idea that is perfect to do with your little ones of any age. By easy, we mean that this project is a piece of cake if your child(ren) can sit still, look at the camera, and smile on command.

OK, don’t stop reading, I’m only kidding. It may not be all that easy but you’ll have fun doing it.

Fathers Day IDEAS

I first saw this project on Pinterest and decided to do it for my husband for his first Father’s Day a couple of years ago when my daughter was around eight months old.

The supplies you’ll need:

  • Letters “D” and “A” – The letters I used were the 9″ white wood letters from Amazon, but there are many others to choose from.
  • Camera
  • Your child
  • A frame with three openings
  • Any additional props are optional. I sat my daughter in a chair since she couldn’t stand on her own yet.

DIY Father's Day Photo Gift

When dealing with young children, this project can get stressful very quickly, but try to have fun with it. When my friend and I snuck out to take our daughter’s photos, we got caught in one of those huge Florida thunderstorms and had to wait it out. By the end of our photo shoot, it was quickly approaching dinner and bedtime. It was a miracle that we got one cute photo, let alone three!

DIY Father's Day Photo Gift

Once I decided on the three photos I was going to use (2 D’s and an A), I got them printed at a local store and put them in the frame. My husband loved this gift and it’s still hanging in his office today.

DIY Father's Day Photo Gift

There are other variations of this gift you can do depending on how many children or who you’re gifting it to. You could have each child hold a different letter or spell out a different word like Daddy, Pop, or Papa.

Have fun with it!

*Originally posted 6/11/14, updated 6/12/18, updated 2021


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