Making Christmas Decorations on a Budget

I challenged myself this year to not add to my already huge collection of Christmas decorations.  The only exception would be lights and ribbon.


Before I began this endeavor, I of course turned to Pinterest for inspiration and new techniques.   I saw several sites about “frugal decorations” and decided to build a large piece to fill a blank corner on our porch.

I headed to a local hardware store for inspiration and supplies.


The supplies: A tomato cage, tree branches, floral wire, and wire clippers.

I purchased a tomato cage for $2.00.  Then at the same location, collected the branch clippings from their Christmas tree lot.  Finally, when I got home I pulled out my floral wire ( could use trash ties) and wire clippers or scissors.

I wanted the tree to stand tall to fill the space, so I used a black urn pot I already had. You could use any plant pot or container.

I began to trim and weave the branches into the cage.

First, take the floral wire and secure the cage ends together.  Technically, these are the legs for the cage and would stick in the ground.  For this purpose, I am turning it upside down and it will be the top of the tree.

Starting from the bottom, I began to trim and weave the branches into the cage.  Since I would go under the cage frame and out, the branches secured themselves and I did not need to use the floral wire.

Cage filled with branches.

It took me about 20 minutes to fill the cage with the branches.

final tree frosty

Next, I added lights and decorations that I already had leftover.  I used bleached pine cones, berry springs, and large ornaments from The Dollar Store.

For a $2.00 investment and 40 minutes of my time, I have a Christmas tree.

Merry Christmas!




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