DIY Gift Basket For Your Child’s Teacher!


No matter if it’s Teacher Appreciation Day, the last day of school, the first day of school, or a holiday, create a simple DIY gift basket for your child’s teacher with items you can find at your local Target, Walmart, a dollar store, or even grocery store. You can fill your basket with personal care items, classroom items, or items you think the teacher would enjoy.

DIY Gift Basket For Your Child's Teacher!
Most importantly, mark each item with a special little meaning, and you’re sure to impress! Let your little one’s teacher know why you chose each item. Keep it fun and simple. The teacher will LOVE it, and your child will get a kick out of gifting it to him/her. Be sure to include your little one by take them along on the shopping trip… (or not!) 

Gift Basket Items

Gum – to help you stick to it throughout the year
Peanut M&M’s – thanks for taking care of our little peanut
Chocolate Hugs – to tell you that my little guy loves to give hugs

DIY Gift Basket For Your Child's Teacher!
Sanitizer – to keep cooties at bay
Starburst – to give you a “burst” of energy when you need it
Animal Crackers – for when your class feels like a zoo
DIY Gift Basket For Your Child's Teacher!
Life Savers – for when you’ve had “one of those days”
Lotion – when things get a little rough
Stickers – to help the class to stick together and be a team
Erasers – to remind you that everyone makes mistakes
DIY Gift Basket For Your Child's Teacher!
Lint Roller – to help you “roll with the punches”
Rubber Bands – to add extra flexibility
Tissues – to wipe away the tears …yours and the kids’!
Aleve – to alleviate all of those aches and pains
Crayons – to color your world bright and happy
Paper Clips – to hold it all together
DIY Gift Basket For Your Child's Teacher! 
Keep this basket in mind for other times of the year, too. Holidays, teacher appreciation week, and the teacher’s birthday!


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