The Winter Olympics Opening Ceremonies begin tonight, so we decided to do a few DIY Olympic crafts, perfect for the kids!

DIY Olympic Crafts for KidsI purchased five 9.8 inch foam wreaths from the Dollar Store to make the Olympic rings.  I had some left over crepe paper rolls from various birthday parties I was able to use for this little project. 

DIY Olympic Crafts for Kids

I wrapped the streamers around each wreath to make the 5 Olympic rings and secured them with tape. This also allows you to reuse the wreaths for another project later on.

DIY Olympic Crafts for Kids

After the rings were complete, I displayed them on the wall. I was able to find a free printable “welcome” banner online which I cut out and displayed right below the rings. 

Next I took a piece of yarn (but you can use string, wire, etc) and taped 5 strips of each color of the crepe paper. This is a very easy economical way to make a quick backdrop. The rings, backdrop and banner were less than $10 and such a kid-friendly project.

DIY Olympic Crafts for Kids

After making the rings and the backdrop I still had some crepe paper left over.  We decided to make medals with some chocolate coins. I purchased the chocolate coins at the party store for 15 @ $1.00. All you have to do is measure out the streamer to the length you want, tape the ends together then either tape or glue the coin to the paper.

DIY Olympic Crafts for Kids

For other ideas I looked on Pinterest for Olympic themed parties. I was able to find some really terrific free printable workbooks for kids that had math, spelling and handwriting activities. 

DIY Olympic Crafts for Kids

Since we’re team U.S.A, I pulled out some of our 4th of July decorations which fit really nicely with our theme. 

Now we just have to make some fun snacks and desserts to get ready for the Opening Ceremony!  Make sure to catch the Olympics on NBC beginning on February 8th with the Opening Ceremony on February 9th! Go U.S.A!!


Join us for an INDOOR Egg Hunt!


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