Can anyone answer, with absolute certainty, the question of exactly when the Holiday Season officially starts? It used to be easy; the Holiday Season started after Thanksgiving Week. Then Black Friday came along and the whole Thanksgiving paradigm was turned inside-out.  

So the Holiday Season started moving backwards, towards Halloween, but that changed when the Halloween movie franchise, and Jason, completely weaponized Trick-or-Treat. So the Holiday Season had to move even further backwards and now experts deem that the Holiday Season starts right after Columbus Day Weekend, which is rapidly being re-branded as Indigenous Peoples Day.

Therefore, it’s October and that means it’s time to start trolling for those really unique gift ideas for the very special man, and all the other extraordinary persons, in your life.

What to Get Your Husband

Are you married to the proverbial man-who-has-everything? Is there nothing that springs to mind when you try to think of a gift to put in Santa’s sleigh for that exclusive man in your life? If that’s the case, you need to carefully consider one word: handmade.

Finding something truly unique probably means robots on an assembly line did not produce it. This exceptional creation was assembled, one component at a time, by talented human beings, who are driven by a desire to create something from assorted elements that they either make themselves, or pick out from nature, due to some innate quality that inspires them to produce extraordinary things.

So when considering any gift for that most special person, you should choose something that was crafted by artisans, skilled in their trade and dedicated to quality.  Consider handmade men’s shoes or some other unique leather good, like a hand-decorated belt. If he’s partial to art, maybe a painting from an artist in whom he’s expressed interest. If he’s a woodworker, there are beautiful sets of handcrafted chisel sets that would certainly light up his creative juices.

A good rule of thumb for any truly creative gift for the man you love? Just make sure it was handmade.

What to Get Your Wife

The landscapes of relationships are strewn with the failures of gifts purchased, with the very best of intentions, for the number one woman in so many men’s lives. For some, shopping for your wife can be really, really hard.

A lot of guys, after perhaps a bad experience or two, just take the easy way out and purchase a sizeable gift certificate at a extravagant women’s store like Henri Bendel or Sack 5th Ave. But if you want to brave the wilds of what wins a woman’s whim, why not start out by thinking outside the box – way outside. Like a weekend, by herself, at a ridiculously luxurious spa where she will be pampered beyond her wildest dreams – Desert Hot Springs, near Palm Springs, California, has several of these types of hidden getaways.

If your wife loves to cook, there are a plethora of possibilities for truly unique gifts with a wow-factor of ‘10’.  A good way to start would be by visiting a specialty cookware store, like Williams-Sonoma or Sur la Table, especially one that is partnered with a school of fine cuisine, and ask a knowledgeable salesperson there for some gift ideas. Food preparation is a very active pastime. There are enough new gadgets and utensils being introduced every month to surprise even the most dedicated foodie with a gift she’ll never forget.

What to Get Your Son

Okay, socks and underwear don’t count. Those aren’t gifts; they’re appliances. You have no idea what your son really wants more than anything – and probably neither does he. The smartphone and its accessories have gobbled up all of the obvious gift ideas, so where do you look for a gift that a young man will remember for many years to come?

How about giving your son an experience rather than just some object, no matter how finely crafted, that he’s probably not experienced enough to appreciate, anyway. Are there helicopter, balloon rides or boat tours available nearby which explore unique landscapes and natural wonders? The local racetrack may offer lessons and the experience of riding in, or even driving, a race car. Use your imagination so you can both share something he’ll always remember.

What to Get Your Daughter

Shopping for your daughter is generally easier than finding something for your son because girls absolutely love shopping, and buying, anything – a desire that some studies say goes back to the early 20th Century and the introduction of the Department Store right alongside women’s suffrage. So just ask your daughter what she wants for her holiday gift, buy it, and you won’t be sorry.


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