Let’s face it, Fall in Florida is still, unfortunately HOT. We are dependent on the calendar to tell when each season begins and ends. The pumpkin spice latte and aisles in Hobby Lobby try to convince us Floridians that fall is near, but the sweat rolling down my back tells me otherwise. Even if I have to set out my pumpkins with the A/C on, I like to celebrate fall in our home with some simple decorations. I don’t like to store too much stuff, so I try to use things we already have around or can easily recycle after fall is over. Here are some easy ways to decorate for fall, even if the AC is still on!

1. Change Out Your Pillows

An easy way to announce that fall is here is by switching out your pillows. Cozier fabrics and fall-themed colors or sayings will immediately make your house seem more festive. I just love the buffalo check trend right now, and I can easily see these transitioning into Christmas.
decorate for fall

decorate for fall
Pillow cover from Linen and Ivory

2. Do Something With All Those Sticks Your Toddler Brings Inside

It’s not just my toddler, right? We always have sticks she has deemed interesting enough to hang onto in our house. I can’t blame her; sticks and small branches can be beautiful and full of character. Display those sticks in a lovely way this season.

decorate for fall
From Taryn Whiteaker
decorate for fall
From the V Spot Blog

3. Add a Wreath

Since we don’t get the yellow, orange, and red fall leaves that usually adorn the classic fall wreaths, some beautiful eucalyptus still keeps the fall vibe while staying true to our still-green natural color palette. Picking an asymmetrical shape adds another modern touch.

decorate for fall
Photo from Better Homes and Gardens list of fall wreaths
decorate for fall
From Better Homes and Gardens list of fall wreaths

4. Little Pumpkins Everywhere

Cute pumpkins arranged in vignettes around the house shouts “FALL IS HERE EVERYONE” about as loudly as possible. You can choose modern white pumpkins, classic orange, or let your kids decorate them with paint, glue and paper, or even wax drippings.

decorate for fall
From One Kind Design
decorate for fall
From Cloudy Day Gray

5. Change Out Your Artwork

Perhaps the easiest of all, changing out your framed artwork can make a surprising difference in the feeling of your home. This is one of my favorite ways to decorate because it takes up exactly zero extra space and is easy to store or recycle once the season is over. Here are some free printables to make your walls look more fall.

decorate for fall
From Little House of Four

We would love to see how you decorate your house for fall! Tag us on Instagram @OrlandoMomCollective so we can see how you do fall in Florida!


Originally posted Fall 2019

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