Educational Gift Ideas for Elementary-Aged Kids


Buying gifts is never simple, especially when you don’t want to buy a kid yet another toy. Sometimes, we want to gift something more useful, something that might inspire some learning without being too boring. While books are an obvious choice to encourage kids to form a love of learning, there are alternative options for kids who learn by doing. Luckily, there are plenty of educational gifts out there that elementary-aged kids between 5 and 10 will love.

Science sets

Science sets are a fun and easy way to engage kids with science at home. Kids can get a grasp of chemistry with a lab set, physics with an electric motor or engineering set, or biology with a microbes lab. There are also science and STEM subscription boxes for kids that are especially passionate about science or math. And remember, science sets aren’t just gifts for young boys. All kids can and should gain a love for science at a young age and not just in the classroom.

Adventure kits

Not all learning takes place inside a classroom. Offering kids a chance to have fun in the great outdoors and learn outdoor skills and talents from birdwatching to orienteering will teach them lifelong lessons. Adventure kits often include binoculars, compasses, tents, den building tools, and fire starter kits (to be used under supervision of course). Even if your kid is only venturing as far as the backyard, for now, they can spend a night camping and den building before going further afield.

Craft sets

Art is a form of learning, therapy, and skill-building and helping kids nurture creativity is as important as getting them to do their homework. Craft kits might help kids make scrapbooks, start painting, learn to knit, or even create pottery. There are tons to choose from and you may even join in yourself to learn a new skill. This list of kids’ crafts that are fun for the whole family has lots of ideas and inspiration.

Cooking box subscription

Learning to cook is an essential skill, so why not inject some fun into it by gifting a kids cooking or baking box subscription. These boxes can be delivered once a month and contain ingredients and tools needed to cook new dishes or exciting cakes and cookies. Kids with a passion for cooking and baking are easy to buy for in the future too. Avid cooks and bakers love getting new aprons, oven mitts, utensils, cookbooks, and ingredients.

Musical instruments

How many times have you wished you’d learnt to play an instrument while you were young? Musical instruments and music lessons are a commitment but are well worth it if your kid grows up to be great at guitar or piano or any other instrument. A musical instrument as a gift can transform into a lifelong talent they will thank you for in the future. Musical instruments and music lessons form one part of the gift, but in future, you can also buy them new music books and scores to add to their collection. 


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