Educational Resources for Upper Elementary Kids


With the kids home ALL THE TIME thanks to the current pandemic and schools being closed (at least through May 1st in Florida), if you are like me, then you’re desperately looking for educational resources to keep the kids learning and occupied so that your house doesn’t turn into a web on anarchy.

I’m a teacher and a mom of three. Here are some of my favorite (mostly) educational resources that you may not know about especially for upper elementary children.

McCarthy Math Academy

Sarah McCarthy of McCarthy Math Academy has invaluable math videos on her website and YouTube with accompanying worksheets for students in 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade. With her two programs – How to Pass the Math FSA and McCarthy Math 1-5-5 she makes learning fun and exciting with her songs and catchy phrases to help students remember math strategies. She starts every lesson with the Mathematical Mindset Creed which is empowering and encouraging to even the most resistant learner. Thanks to her, my students became Rounding Heroes!


Epic is a site where children can listen to stories, watch videos, and read independently. Their library is broken down in every way you could want – subject matter, type of book, reading level. If your child’s teacher hasn’t created an account for his/her class parents are able to access the site for a free 30 day trial. Bonus, they have also started doing 20 minute video lessons on Facebook called Epic Live! Featuring guest teachers. “Guest teachers include best-selling authors and illustrators, a Tony award winner, celebrity chefs, scientists, Epic master teachers, a Broadway choreographer and many more!”


I have been a longtime fan (and creator) of podcasts, but over the last year or so have discovered how much fun they can be with kids. Our personal favorite is called Six Minutes a six minute long adventure show with twists, turns, and excitement. If you are looking to up the educational factor with this show check out Teachers Pay Teachers for accompanying activities. If Six Minutes doesn’t sound up your kiddos alley check out Kids Listen, an app that has curated kid friendly podcast content from all genres.

Authors & Illustrators

One of the coolest things about the pandemic (that sounds wrong, but you get me) is that SO MANY authors and illustrators have been putting out more and more content for FREE. Mo Willams and Dav Pilkey are sharing drawing lessons, celebrities and authors are reading books, and author/illustrators like Jarrett Lerner are posting activities to encourage children to think creatively by writing stories and completing comics.

Honorable Mention

  • The public library – By having a library card you have access to thousands more e-books and audiobooks and ALL Orange County Public Schools students automatically have a digital library card to Orange County Library System on their Launchpad account.
  • Teachers Pay Teachers – I promise there is more than just worksheet and powerpoints on this website. There are also a lot of fun and homeschooling resources.
  • Khan Academy – This website has everything from Pre-K math – college admissions assistance! These guided modules and mini quizzes could be just the boost to help your child get ahead.
  • Prodigy – This website combines math with video games…what could go wrong?!

What are some of your favorite (mostly) educational activities that you have been utilizing or wanting to check out this spring?


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