My “Everything is Awesome” Ultimate OCD Mother’s Day Wish List



Just around the corner is Mother’s Day. A day just for us over-worked, super-stressed, detail-oriented, caffeine-driven, vivacious, loving ladies of the family.

Every year Mother’s Day comes and goes and I realize that the sweet gifts and cards and gestures from my children and husband are lovely but they aren’t really what I want. As I went about my day today, in my usual perfectionist, OCD sort of way, I made a list of the things that I really, really want for Mother’s Day.

Here’s my “Everything is Awesome” Ultimate OCD Mother’s Day Wish List:

A wakeup time after 8am.

I’d really like to sleep in past 8am just once this year. That means actually sleeping. Not waking up at 7 to put on Disney Jr and rolling back over with the pillow over my head for the next hour like I usually do on Sunday mornings. Pure, straight, sleeping in until 8am type of stuff. That’s what I’m after.

All the beds in the house made…

by someone who is not me. They should be made as if the maker were trained in the military or the nearest four star hotel. Neatly tucked sheets and blankets. Fluffed and well-placed pillows. Straightened and perfectly folded and layered comforters. Something like you’d see in one of those home & garden magazines. I’m sure Martha Stewart has a how-to guide somewhere.

Vacuumed carpet (with symmetrical streaks)

To see those beautiful symmetrical streaks in freshly vacuumed carpet all throughout the house. I love it when the floors look serene and peaceful. No footsteps. No cat hair. No dangerous little toys. Just clean waves of freshly vacuumed carpet as far as the eye can see.

Towels folded

All the towels perfectly folded and/or hung in every bathroom in the house. In my house that means four bathrooms. I want the dirty towels out of sight and only fresh, clean, crisp towels hanging from towel bars. Instead of those bunched balls of chaos, I want the hand-towels neatly folded and placed beside the sink. I’d also like to request that the faucets and counters be wiped down with a Clorox wipe before those hand towels are placed beside them. Neat and tidy and germ free bathrooms. A real dream come true.

Kitchen countertops

that are clean and perfectly streak and drip free. I personally picked out those sparkly white and glittery countertops in our new house as a special treat for myself. As a special treat for Mother’s Day, I’d love to seem them wiped clean.. by someone beside me.

Stainless kitchen appliances

that are completely smudge and fingerprint free. Not my husband’s fingerprints on the refrigerator handle. Not the kids handprints on the dishwasher, microwave buttons and trash can. Not even my own fingerprints on the dishwasher. Just perfectly shiny, clean, stainless steel. Talk about serenity now.

A stocked refrigerator and pantry

A refrigerator and pantry that are both fully stocked. That means enough milk, eggs, cheese, wine, fruit, vegetables and fresh bread to get the family through, what?, at least two days? Maybe three?

All laundry baskets free and clear of..

dirty laundry. Yes, this one is asking a lot, but, oh, what a dream it would be to see completely empty laundry baskets all throughout the house. (To be clear: this does not mean all the laundry should be shifted to the communal laundry basket in the laundry room, waiting for me to clean on the day-after-Mother’s Day. All the laundry should be cleaned and folded and hung back up in their respective closets and drawers. A final request? Can all of this be done before the pristine streaks are made in the freshly vacuumed carpet?)

Lastly, a clean car with a full tank of gas.

This one’s probably only a daydream. I’d love my car to be free of all the toys and crumbs. I’d love the outside cleaned free of whatever dust or dried-on raindrops may have settled there in the past few weeks. I’d love to have shiny, happy rims on my tires. I’d also love to see a gas tank that is totally full. That means I won’t have to stop and use one of those germy, icky gas pumps for at least a week. Swoon! Plus one less errand to run. Hooray!


It’s probably too much to ask for… but an insanely picky girl can dream, can’t she?

Did I leave anything out? If you’re a kindred spirit “my way is the only way” Mom, what’s on your perfect-world Mother’s Day Wish List?




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