Contributors Eryn and Crystal have teamed up to bring you some of Orlando’s best family-friendly restaurants. Crystal has 2 beautiful girls (one is a 4 month old baby!) and Eryn has 4 kiddos (including a 2 month old baby!), so dining out in a restaurant that is family friendly is super important to us…and duh! the food HAS to be amazing!

We will be all over O-Town trying out different kinds of foods and desserts and sharing our experience with you!

First up…  Zaza Cuban Diner

You can find Zaza Cuban Diner in three locations; Waterford Lakes, Curry Ford and Altamonte Springs. Being Miami natives and Hispanic, we know good food! Well, we definitely know good Hispanic food! 

Zaza is such a cool and casual environment and the best part is it is totally family-friendly. When you walk in you get hit with the aroma of deliciousness and a friendly smile. The menus are available at the counter with the irresistible pastelitos (cuban pastries) staring at you as you try to decide what to order. There is such a big selection of food, we wanted to try everything!

We dined inside with a baby carrier, a stroller and a 4 year old and there were NO issues. However, the outside dining patio is nice, especially if you have a big, loud family! Let’s be honest, we have a big, loud family between the both of us but we decided to test the waters and sit inside. 

They give you a number so that they can locate your table and bring your meal. From the moment we found a table, got situated and got our drinks, less than ten minutes passed before our food was brought to us. We had friendly service and incredible food. 

Picadillo, Black Beans, White Rice and Maduros
Picadillo, Maduros, Side Salad and Pinto Beans
Ham Croquetas (Croquetas de Jamon)

We ate everything! Like, literally, everything. There was not a crumb left. Don’t judge us…it was SO delicious; authentic and fresh…(seriously, everything was so fresh). The cafe con leche was perfect! Eryn is a coffee snob and does not like her coffee very sweet and they nailed it! Fun fact about the coffee: the coffee is roasted locally in Longwood, Florida and fresh batches are brought to the restaurants daily. The pastelitos were cooked to perfection and brought back memories of sitting around the table morning and night with cafe con leche, pastelitos and a lot of family love. You can’t eat just one; we promise you that.

Guava Pastry and Quesitos

We both were even able to nurse the babies with ease.

Photo courtesy of Eryn’s 4 year old

Our only complaint- the sun beats in the windows in the early evenings and makes it incredibly hot inside, but that will not be enough to deter us. We WILL be back, this time with all the kids and hubbies!

Be sure to check them out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

What are some of your favorite local restaurants that you have found to be family friendly?


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