Fan for my Man

Fan for my Man
Fan for my Man

Orlando Moms Blog contributor {Heather N.} was recently featured as the cover girl on The Moms Magazine, telling about her new-found love for the Buffalo Bills… for her husband.

“There was no pre-nup when my husband and I got married. But there were rules. Certain, specific rules that, according to my husband, were absolute deal breakers. Actually, there was really only one rule. I had to become a football fan. And not just any football fan; I had to become a Buffalo Bills fan.


So every September I wake up early on Sundays and put on a jersey with the name of a player I don’t know and I head to a local bar with my husband an hour before the game starts just so we can reserve our table. And I happily throw my diet out the window and consume my weight in chicken wings. I order beers and scream angrily at the television at what seems like appropriate times and yell about flags and holding and other things that I hear people say but that I have no idea what they mean. And my husband beams with pride. He absolutely loves it.

And you know what, I love it too. What started out as a “him” thing has turned into an “us” thing.”

You can read the entire article here.

So how about you? Have you become a fan for your man? What sport have you become an adopted fan to? Shout out time!


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Heather Anne Naples is a mother, a wife and a published writer. She lives in Orlando, FL with her husband of 8 years, their 6-year-old daughter and their 4 rescue dogs. An ongoing health battle changed Heather's perspective on life and inspired her to use her voice and her love for writing as a way to encourage others to love the life they have been given. She loves sharing what is inside her heart and her home on her blog and social channels.


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