FB, IG, Twitter – Our highlight reel, not reality


I have noticed in the last few years, mainly since social media took over our lives, that everyone seems to be in competition with everyone else– especially us moms. I like to call it “Your Facebook Life”. For example, a post such as this…

“spent a magical evening with my hot hubby!!”

I was feeling pretty good about getting the kids in bed, putting on my pj pants and catching up on Homeland with my man, but now not so much. Truth is, she probably didn’t have a magical night at all – they probably got into a fight about his socks being on the floor and she went to bed angry.  My point is that people get so wrapped up in everyone else’s lives and stop focusing on their own. People prop themselves up on social media and appear to have the “perfect” life, but no one does. Everyone has a bad day or a fight with the kids, spouse, etc.

Because we live in a time where we know about everyone’s every move, it’s easy to start feeling competitive or jealous towards others. I am guilty of this myself, and my husband rolls his eyes and tells me to dump my Facebook account. Social media is a great way to stay connected, but I think we need to look at it as a highlight reel, not reality. I rarely see the post or tweet about a mom who screamed at her kids because they were fighting all day. No, people post the fun, often embellished highlights of their lives.

If we step back for a moment and realize that we all have things in our lives that are challenging and that everyone is struggling in some way, I think we would all act a little kinder to each other and not focus on jealousy or competition.  My goal in the new year is to be more authentic, and to post those moments when I am frazzled in hopes that maybe another mom realizes she’s not alone.




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