Nothing screams summer like 4th of July! Whether you’re planning a vacation or staying in town, here are a few ideas to make your holiday more fun!

If you’re heading to a pool party, bring a festive dish! Fruit salad with fresh strawberries, blueberries, and star shaped watermelon is super easy and a cool treat for a hot day. If you’re looking for a dessert, fruit pizza is another festive option. I chose to do individual fruit pizzas for everyone, but you could also make one large one to cut into. Top a sugar cookie with cream cheese frosting, fresh blueberries and strawberries. It’s a great light dessert for a hot summer day.

4th of July Bucket List
Star fruit salad
4th of July Bucket List
4th of July fruit pizza

In hopes of making the 4th of July fun for the whole family, I came up with a bucket list for the weekend.

4th of July Bucket List

Twirl Sparklers!

Go Swimming!

Eat Ice Cream!

Watch fireworks!

Build a fire!

Eat hot dogs!

Make S’mores!

Wear Red, White & Blue!

4th of July Bucket List
4th of July Bucket List

What are your plans for 4th of July?



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