Finding a School Schedule that Works for You


Transitioning back to school can be rough. The nights of staying up late and sleeping in are suddenly over. Playtime in the pool is mostly reserved for Friday nights, and schedules need to be followed. That being said, there are a few tips to make this transition a little easier.

1: Move bedtime a little earlier each day prior to school starting.
2: Lay out clothes the night before so there are no arguments in the morning.
3: Decide what’s for breakfast before bed. This saves a ton of time in the morning (you should have plates, forks, and such already out for easy prep and clean up).
4: Have your child make sure their backpack is ready to go in the morning—no wasted time searching for that overdue library book!
5: Figured out when they want to tackle their homework.

5 Ways to make a School Schedule Work for You
5 Ways to make a School Schedule Work for You

However you decide to tackle homework or a bedtime routine, the key is the “routine.” Make sure your child is aware of what’s expected of him, and how each day is going to play out. Children thrive on a schedule, so this really does help. That being said, a sense of humor and a bit of flexibility help too-because even best laid plans can go awry.

What are some of your school routines that make school time smoother?



  1. Ha! I remembered that the first time I’ve gone to school was a total horror. I hated waking up so early and feel the morning rush. But as I aged I was used to it. A routine indeed needs self-discipline. 🙂


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