Finding time in the day to give yourself 15 minutes of solitude.


Sorry to be the one to break the news, but January 2018 is behind us (I know, shaking my head too). This means it’s time to really look at your goals and resolutions to see if you’re on track or need to “make adjustments”. It’s a time that’s both grueling, and enlightening at the same time. As for me, I have focused on the idea of being more mindful and giving myself time to be present within my own thinking (hence the 15 minutes a day title ;)). I’ll be honest…. It has been extremely difficult and definitely is testing my ability in “self-control” (specifically with checking in on social media), but I am receiving the best outcomes from it, which in return my overall “self” is improving. 

Last year almost everyday I would wake up and start the day with checking my social media accounts right away, which nothing is wrong with that, but it just wasn’t the way I wanted to jump start my day anymore. I needed motivation and a new insight into the fresh start of the day.

Here’s what I did…. I put myself on “lock down” from my phone and people for 15 minutes everyday, and in return I have been focusing on those quiet minutes of daily devotionals or inspirational readings. Don’t get me wrong, there have already been days where I failed and ended up skipping those 15 minutes, which you know what?! I started to see a huge difference in the way my day played out and how much I needed that time of solitude.  

15 minutes of solitude

15 minutes doesn’t seem like much time, (especially when you’re comparing it to the full day ahead) BUT those minutes and seconds where you’re able to think and expand on your perspective in life (alone) make all the difference. Especially in a day filled with the chaos of… schedules, to-do lists, work, and managing your family. You’re probably thinking, “I’m so busy and there’s always someone who needs me or things I need to do.” I have come to realize that these 15 minutes are no longer something I want to do, but something I need in my life and prioritizing them into my schedule is a must (and for you too). 

Imagine yourself right now sitting in a comfy area whether it’s your couch, chair, bed, or car and it’s   

s i l e n t….

You’re able to fully process your thoughts and enjoy those minutes just for you. Sounds amazing, right?! It IS! I think I have now made it into a habit and if I lost those 15 minutes of time to myself in the day I probably wouldn’t function to my fullest potential (yeah…they’re THAT magical). 

I found this great article on Forbes that presents ““7 Science-Backed Reasons You Should Spend Time Alone”. So, basically it is doctor’s orders…. 😉 In all serious though, time of solitude helps to maintain a healthy lifestyle, maybe even more so after holding the title of “mom”

Everyone has different schedules along with personalities in whether you’re “a morning person or a night owl” so 15 minutes to one mama might look different to another mama. It doesn’t necessarily matter the time of day, but the fact that you actually take moments of solitude for yourself. As for me, I like waking up and starting my day with these “magical minutes”, it helps to set me up for a day of success. I make sure I wake up 15 minutes earlier than anyone else and give myself time to drink those first sips of “hot” coffee and then I dive into 2 books that focus on daily devotionals. It’s seriously the best!

If you’re at a loss of what you can do within 15 minutes to enhance you’re perspective on things, don’t worry I came up with a list that can act as a guide to see which matches your personality best! Life is busy, as moms we always have to be “on”, so this is an opportunity for our minds to relax.


Ideas for 15 Minutes of Solitude

  • readings: We all know there’s something about words on paper that give you a spark of motivation in life. I have a list of inspirational readings for women. Click here to view it. 
  • podcasts: Maybe you need to hear the words from others to set a positive outlook in your life, or maybe you’re seeking advice on specific life situations, podcasts are a great way to do that.  Click here for a list of podcasts for moms. 
  • music: Maybe you need an upbeat approach with listening to lyrics. Click here for a list of songs to start the day. Or if you’re not a morning person, click here for a list of motivational songs on Spotify. You can also just put on nature inspiring sounds as well (Youtube is great for that). 
  • meditation: Maybe just sitting in silence and diving into your thoughts or trying to focus on the concept of deep thinking and being mindful of things around you.
  • drinking hot coffee: Let’s be honest, this would put anyone in a great mood for the rest of the day if you didn’t have to reheat your coffee 10 times. 😉 Maybe this is a time for you to do just that. 

If you are looking to make this a goal for yourself everyday, I do have one rule…”unplug” yourself. It’s something that we all are guilty of needing to do. Also, I know it’s a challenge to get any alone time, but trust me….it can be done, you just have to really want it and believe you can find that time. Be proactive for your time of solitude. 

I encourage you to find those 15 minutes to yourself throughout the day. I’m thinking you need this in your life right now, I know I sure did. It has transformed my thinking and is providing me the opportunity to live a more authentic life where I am  finding more happiness in. (Which bottom line, isn’t that what we all want?) 

Go take that time for you, mamas! All the LOVE!  


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