So you want to get creative with gifts this holiday season but don’t feel like you have the artistic ability… or maybe you have the perfect vision, but you just need help bringing it to life!

Gifting your loved ones with a unique and personalized product made just for them really shows how much you care. A company like PurpleTrail can print all your custom creations in-house and quickly ship them to your home so you don’t have to worry about the holiday time crunch! Check out our list of five custom-printed holiday gift ideas to surprise your friends and family with a keepsake they can treasure for years to come.  

Personalized Ornaments

Chances are that anyone who puts up a Christmas tree for the holiday season has a massive ornament collection to display every year. Ornaments are quite the popular Christmas gift, but oftentimes a normal retailer might only sell generic ornaments that are mass-produced and not very personable. Consider personalizing a custom ornament with your friends’ or family’s names and photos to give them something truly unique and special to hang on their trees.

This is great gift for the parents of a newborn baby to commemorate their son or daughter’s first Christmas, or a married couple who is spending their first holiday season together as newlyweds. Grandparents will love a custom ornament with all their grandchildren’s names on it. If your son or daughter has recently moved away from home, quell their homesickness by gifting them with an ornament showcasing your latest family photoshoot. Or, if you have a friend who loves their dogs or cats like children, personalize an ornament with photos of their pets.

Personalized Planner

As the year comes to a close, we all have our goals and aspirations for the next year on our mind. A great gift to start the new year off right is a personalized planner. We know that technology offers several scheduling and calendar resources, but studies have shown that having a paper planner really helps you stay organized, as the physical act of writing things down helps your brain remember tasks and keeps you on track. This is the perfect present for one of your busy mom friends, a business owner or a teacher, a son or daughter who needs to keep track of their schoolwork, or anyone who struggles with organization!

Choose from a diverse selection of cute, trendy designs and personalize the cover with names, photos, quotes, and more. And you don’t have to sacrifice the convenience of your phone’s organization apps—the smaller 6×8 size easily slides into a purse or briefcase for on-the-go scheduling. A personalized, one-of-a-kind planner is bound to inspire or encourage your disorganized loved one to stay on top of their to-do list this next year.  

Custom Journal

Surprise the writers and doodlers in your life with a custom journal this holiday season. A custom journal can be used for anything, from sketching in the park or taking notes during class, to recording travels or organizing family recipes. Personalize a journal with names and photos of your loved ones to give them a designated space for all their creative outlets.

Maybe you have a family member who’s planning a big trip abroad. Gift them with a travel journal so they have a place to record all the exciting things they’re doing. Not only will they get to look back on their trip for years to come, but you’ll actually know what they were up to when they get back home.

A custom journal can also be the ultimate gift for a newly engaged couple who needs something to keep track of all their wedding planning notes and ideas. Customize the front cover with their names, wedding date, and a photo from their engagement shoot.

Or, if you come from a long lineage of foodies, consider a recipe book for a parent or grandparent so they can keep all their secret family recipes in one place. Personalize it with your family name and photos of all your feasts. A recipe journal can become a treasured memento of your family’s history, passed down for generations to come.  

Personalized Stationery Sets

If you know someone whose desk is covered in a sea of mismatched post-it notes, a personalized stationery set might just be the greatest gift imaginable. This is also the perfect gift for teachers, secretaries, assistants, or anyone who needs to write, keep, or send notes on a daily basis. Not to mention that it looks both stylish and professional on any desk—much more than those out-of-control post-it notes.

Each stationery set includes ten folded cards and ten notecards with coordinating envelopes, and a notepad with fifty sheets. They come with a cloth gift bag for easy gift giving. Personalize each with the name of your son or daughter’s favorite teacher, or a coworker or friend.

(These also make wonderful stocking stuffers!)

Custom Coffee Mugs

Coffee Mugs are a classic gift. But just like with Christmas ornaments, many stores only have generic mugs that don’t feel very warm or personable. Even the hilarious mugs with funny quotes might fall a little flat when you’re looking for a unique and meaningful Christmas gift. Personalize a custom coffee mug to surprise your favorite coffee or tea drinker with a one-of-a-kind gift they’ll actually want to use.

We can all agree that a World’s Greatest Dad mug is a topnotch gift, but imagine adding your father’s name, along with a photo showcasing his funniest face.

If your son or daughter has recently left home for college, customize a mug with their high school graduation photos so they can remember how far they’ve come—and stay caffeinated along the way.

Or create a mug for your son or daughter’s teacher this year to stuff with coffee, tea, or hot chocolate packets. Much, much better than an apple!

Coffee mugs are one of the most versatile gifts, and with so many customization options, your loved ones can stay caffeinated in style.


Holiday gift shopping can be stressful, especially when your list of recipients is longer than your list of ideas. Get all your Christmas shopping done in one go, from the comfort of your own home—and have fun customizing while doing it!



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