Five Easy IKEA Hacks

5 easy IKEA Hacks!
5 easy IKEA Hacks!

I am a huge fan of IKEA and am so happy that we have one right in our backyard. My husband, on the other hand, doesn’t feel the same way. Since he is easily persuaded, we go to IKEA often. I love finding new ways to use their products so I’m sharing five IKEA hacks we have at our house.


We have three different EXPEDITS in our house, all serving different purposes.  In my daughter’s room, we used the shelving unit as a dresser and changing table by adding CAPITA legs [located in the kitchen section, to save you the trouble of finding them later], EXPEDIT inserts with drawers, and DRÖNA boxes. We also added fun knobs to the drawers. It has served us well for over two years now.

diy ikea hack expedit changing table

If you haven’t heard, the EXPEDIT is being discontinued *tear* but IKEA is replacing it with something very similar, so I’m sure I’ll find an excuse to buy one of those too.


This is a great children’s table that I foresee us using for many years to come. We transformed the rather boring looking table with the help of some spray paint, fabric, polyfill, a piece of gift wrap, and an 18×24″ piece of plexiglass. I love that it’s now unique to us and I can change out the gift wrap later down the road.

diy ikea hack latt hack

BEKVÄM Spice rack

We originally got these spice racks to use as bookshelves in my daughter’s first room. We painted and hung them low enough so she could get the books out by herself. Since we moved, there really wasn’t a good spot to use them in her new room so I confiscated them for my own personal use. Flipped upside down, they now hold my jewelry in my closet. There are so many different uses for these and you can’t beat the price!

diy ikea hack bekvam spice rack

diy ikea hack bekvam spice rack

BEKVÄM Step stool

This was our latest project and I love it! This is the perfect kitchen step stool for the toddler years. It helps immensely in the washing hands department. We jazzed it up by painting it and with a fun stripe down the middle since I am all about the stripes, all the time. We also sprayed it with a sealer since it’s in such a high traffic area and put round felt pads on the bottom of the legs so it can be easily moved around the kitchen.

diy ikea hack BEKVAM step stool

Now it’s your turn! Share you’re IKEA hacks in the comments, I love hearing of new ways to make their products more personal.



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