If you look forward to giving Easter baskets to your children like we do, but dislike the high prices of those pre-made baskets, I have some money saving tips for you. And whether you fill your baskets with candy, toys or other items, there are a few easy ways to make a frugal Easter basket, even if you’re a last minute shopper.

Save on the basket itself:

  • Check the local dollar stores — like Dollar General and Dollar Tree — for small, $1 baskets.
  • Craft stores like Michaels and Joann‘s often have 40% off coupons in the weekend paper. Use these coupons to save on the larger, more durable baskets.
  • Recycle. If you’re like me, you may have baskets in your home for decoration or from gift baskets you have received. Add some pastel ribbons or a little spray paint and, voila, you have an Easter basket!!
  • Be creative and use flower pots, makeup carriers, large coffee cups, sand buckets, or other more functional items instead of the traditional basket. These items can not only serve the purpose of an Easter basket, but the kids can continue to use them throughout the year. This will save you money over time!

Save on candy and treats:

  • Again, check your local dollar store for inexpensive candies. Or hit the $1 spot at Target for chocolate bunnies and other treats.
  • Keep an eye on sales. The Easter candy sales tend to start about three weeks before Easter, however sales can still be found this week. Keep an eye on the sales flyers and pair with coupons to save even more.
  • My kids have a few favorite candy bars. I pick them up when they are on BOGO sales and stock up for Easter and other holidays.
  • Bake cookies shaped like eggs. Wrap in colorful plastic wrap and add to basket.
  • Jelly beans can be found for as little as 99 cents per bag. Fill reusable plastic eggs with jelly beans.

Save on non-candy items:

  • Think about some goodies that will be helpful for your kids that cannot be eaten – think socks, puzzles, drawing tools, books etc.
  • Even fun, inexpensive toys can be found at Target’s $1 spot and dollar stores. Stop by from time to time throughout the year to stock up, especially during clearance sales. Target will mark the $1 items down to as little as 10 cents throughout the year.
  • Buy crayons for as little as .50 at Wal-Mart and Target.
  • Make your own homemade play-doh.
  • Print coloring sheets to add to the basket.
  • Check thrift stores for small toys to add to the basket.
  • More inexpensive toy ideas: bubbles, coloring books, stickers and stamps.

Happy Hunting!

First published 4/8/2019, updated 3/5/2024


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