Gender is not What Should Complete a Family



So does this mean you’re going to try again for a boy?

Upon the announcement that my husband and I will be having another baby girl, the inevitable question we get is, “So does this mean you’re going to try again for a boy?!” My husband and I have both agreed we think we are done after this. We are happy being a family of four and our two children being girls.

Then we get the response… “Oh come on, you have to try again for a boy!”

It’s the same for people who have all boys too. They get the question, “So are you going to keep trying till you get your girl?”

To be honest I don’t really get this. It’s okay if you’re a mom to only boys, only girls and also a mom to both genders. All families look different. Gender is not what should complete a family.

Hey, maybe it’s gotten to me a little more with all these pregnancy hormones going on. But, if you go to a gender reveal party or find out someone you know is having another girl or another boy, say “Congratulations!” Let’s avoid making them feel like if they don’t ever have the opposite sex that they aren’t complete enough as a family. 

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