Owning your own home is an opportunity to create a completely personalized space, but with so many design choices available, it can be hard to pick just one direction to go in. If you’re currently overwhelmed by decor trends and aren’t sure where to start, this listicle will provide inspiration without breaking the bank. From easy DIY projects that any homeowner can complete in less than an hour to affordable furniture and housewares options, here are four inspiring home decor trends that won’t break the bank.

Stylish Accent Chairs

Adding an accent chair to your living room or bedroom is one of easiest ways to bring style to the space. Not only do accent chairs inject color and interest, but they can even serve as extra seating when entertaining. From classic wingback chairs to sleek leather slipper chairs, there are so many styles out there that you’re bound to find something you love. The best part? Accent chairs don’t have to be expensive. For a reasonably small investment, you can find some great deals on stylish accent chairs.

Easy, Breezy Roman Shades

Unlike traditional shades, Roman shades use a soft, pleated fabric that’s typically lined with blackout or thermal lining. They can be installed inside or outside your window frame and allow for maximum light control. This style is an attractive way to keep your home cool in hot weather and warm in cold weather. When combined with a well-made valance, they can easily create an elegant focal point in any room, even if you’re on a budget. Also known as pleated blinds or pleated shades, these window treatments come in multiple sizes, fabrics and colors. Another perk? In many cases, you can install them yourself in under 30 minutes.

Add Personalization with Wall Murals

A simple way to add style and color to any room is with a wall mural. Wall murals are easy, affordable, and take minutes to install. These days, you can find many online stores where it’s possible to customize your own mural using artwork or photos that you provide. If you choose to do it yourself but you’re unsure which kind of wall mural would look best in a particular room, try painting one wall with a neutral color, like gray.  Then purchase rolls of art paper that fit the “canvas” you’ve created. Experiment with different patterns and colors until you find something you like and voila! A beautiful mall mural is yours to enjoy and you created it yourself!

Feng Shui Feels Candles

Feng Shui has been a popular trend for years, and for good reason—it helps create a harmonious, soothing environment in your home. Candles can help improve feng shui and your wellness because they increase positive energy and improve moods. Candles are also super versatile and inexpensive to buy, which makes them a great decor investment. I recommend choosing candles in warm, inviting colors like red, orange or yellow, or with inspiring scents like vanilla or cinnamon. If you want to beautify your room with candlelight but don’t have any candles lying around, try placing tealights in a round, shallow bowl.

Inspired? Time to Revamp Your Home!

As you’ve read, these four tips are relatively simple and inexpensive. They’re also timeless, as they won’t quickly go out of style. If you want to revamp your home without breaking the bank, these ideas will help you achieve exactly that. Add a few seasonal touches, like a deliciously scented candle or some charmingly arranged fresh flowers, and your home is sure to feel new again!


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