Get Outdoors! 4 Family Friendly Hiking Trails within the Orlando and Titusville Area


Fall and winter months in Florida are the perfect seasons to get outdoors! While many states in the nation are being pilled on with more snow and colder weather, Floridians are able to enjoy their “cooler” months outdoors. (Don’t you love living here during this time of year?!) One thing I have noticed about Central Florida is that there are amazing hiking trails and outdoor scenery to enjoy! This is the perfect time of year to get outside and explore the trails as a family because well, we all know how miserable our summer months can be. 

There’s something about being outside as a family and exploring Mother Nature. I truly believe it creates a closer bond between everyone. Family hikes give our children the opportunity to learn and explore nature while also promoting creativity, sensory play, and a different types of stimulation that technology can not bring to us. 

Below are some of my family’s favorite trails. While I realize there are way more than 4 trails in Central Florida, these were the ones that my family and I have had a chance to hike, which my 2 year old really enjoyed. If you’re looking to find more trails within your area that are family friendly use as a guide. It’s a great website that categorizes the trails based on your area and interests. 

Get Outdoors! 4 Family Friendly Hiking Trails within the Orlando and Titusville Area

4 Family Friendly Hiking Trails within the Orlando and Titusville Area

1. Mead Botanical Garden Winter Park, FL

This is a smaller trail, but it’s a good one if you have younger children. There is a small lake and picnic tables too. It’s a fun one to explore if you don’t have a whole day. Also, make sure to checkout events hosted there. The Great Duck Derby will be coming up soon, which we attended last year and it was really fun!

2. Bill Fredrick Park Orlando, FL

This is a huge park alongside Turkey Lake with so many activities. Our favorite part was the Children’s Farm with a trail that included musical instruments. There is also 2 playgrounds, fishing areas, hiking trails, canoeing, kayaking, and so much more. You can visit this link >>here<< for a review I did a while back when we first explored this park! Image result for bill frederick park orlando

3. Orlando Wetlands Park Christmas, FL

If you want a chance to see gators, birds, and other wildlife encounters, this is the place to go! The trail leads you along open waters of lakes and marshes where you will definitely spot exotic birds, so bring your binoculars. 😉 

4. Enchanted Forest Sanctuary Titusville, FL

This is a bit further of a drive, BUT well worth it! There are many short trails you can choose from. It’s well suited for all ages and abilities. There is also a very nice educational center where the children can learn and interact with some hands on activities. There are also picnic tables and clean restrooms. 

If you are looking for other families to meet who enjoy hiking as well, join Hike it Baby Central Florida. Click here for the website or you can follow them on Facebook as well for scheduled hikes they post. This is a community where families join together for the pure enjoyment of being outdoors and exploring new hiking trails within the area. 

Please share any other family friendly trails! Happy hiking! 


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