{Giveaway! Anna Rosh Photography Photoshoot!}

Summer Photo Contest!
Summer Photo Contest!

Enter our Summer Photo Contest and receive a photoshoot from Anna Rosh Photography!

Anna Rosh Photography is a new portrait photography business in Orlando, FL.

Anna Rosh Photography Giveaway!
Anna Rosh Photography Giveaway!

“As a photographer, I’ve experimented with a great variety of subjects over the years, but I finally realized that nothing makes me happier than family photography. Being a witness to somebody’s happiness is good for the soul, and having the ability to capture it is a blessing. Whether it’s a glowing mommy-to-be, a tiny baby who just came into this world, an energetic toddler or a cool teenager, there is so much love there and so much beauty that it simply has to be turned into a work of art through the medium of photography.”

To make this giveaway exciting, we are having a Summer Photo Contest on Facebook. Here’s how to enter the giveaway:

1. Be sure to save all those fun summer photos and email us them to [email protected]
2. We will daily add them to our FB album.
3. Next, share our album with your friends and family. The photo in our album with the most “likes” wins the prize! (Remember, you must have copyright release of professional photos.) One lucky participant will win a photoshoot with Anna Rosh Photography and will receive 10 digital images in a wonderful custom package. The giveaway will run from Tuesday, June 24th through July 15th.

You can find more information about Anna Rosh Photography at annaroshphotography.com or her Facebook page facebook.com/annaroshphotography

Good luck, and take lots of pictures!


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