I’m what you might call a “nervous Nelly”. I’m pretty much convinced that there is a bad guy around every corner, that nefarious characters are all around me and that most people could solemnly swear they are up to no good. And though I make light of it now, there were times in my life that this fear was nearly debilitating. And when I became a mom, rather than find courage, I now had 2 more people to be afraid for. I’m not the kind of girl to keep a nine millimeter in the nightstand or a pistol in my purse. I’m clumsy and have a curious, crafty son. Guns would be an unsafe addition to our home, so I was extremely grateful to recently receive a personal protection pack from the Self Defense Superstore to review for you. Mamas, I’m telling you that carrying just 2 of these gems around with me has put a swagger in my step and given me the confidence to move around my daily adventures with less fear. We’re excited to give one lucky reader the chance to win her very own collection of 8 spine-straightening, non-lethal defense gadgets!

Other than the carrying case, the winner gets to keep everything seen here!

These no-nonsense goodies can give you and your family a sense of security when out playing Pokemon Go, hiking through the woods, or exploring an unfamiliar city. Bad guys aren’t the only thing lurking in the dark. These products have the potential to safely defend yourself against aggressive dogs or gnarly night critters, too!

  1. The Wild Kat looks cute but will actually break ribs in a pinch. Having this guy in hand makes me breathe easier in situation where my nerves would otherwise be on edge. I can’t be the only one who’s ever made fake “brass knuckles” out of my car keys in the parking lot. I’d take these fierce pointy ears any day. Although my personal Wild Kat is pink and hangs out on my keychain, they come in a variety of colors (you could win pink and purple!), and would make a great addition to the zipper pull on a backpack or tucked in your hand bag. Remember this isn’t a weapon. It’s a keychain. I wouldn’t be nervous if a toddler got hold of it. The packaging recommends packing it in checked luggage when you fly, but I personally have taken it on multiple flights in my carry-on and never been questioned. Just a keychain, people.

    Even the boy wants to rock the black Wild Kat. They also have dogs, but not in the giveaway pack.
    Even the boy wants to rock the black Wild Kat. They also have dogs, but not in the giveaway pack.
  2. I can’t be the only one who lays awake at night listening to sounds that could either be the ice maker or an axe murderer.  I do sleep a little better lately with this bad mamma jamma baton in arm’s reach.  It’s easily extended with the flick of a wrist into a nice alternative to a Louisville Slugger. Although it can’t be described as “lightweight”, it is small enough to be tossed in the stroller when you head out with the littles in the morning. Just remember to put it back next to your bed for late night marauders…or is it just jeans in the dryer?

    It's easier to whip it out than to shove it back in, but that's the way you want it to work in a pinch.
    It’s easier to whip it out than to shove it back in, but that’s the way you want it to work in a pinch.
  3. I work in an office with a dozen other people, but there are days when I’m alone there. Nothing eases those eery silence jitters like my trusty pen, which is secretly a dispenser for Heatwave* pepper spray. The only thing that would make me feel more like a spy would be if it looked like lipstick. Now let’s all say a prayer the shred bin guys don’t round the corner too suddenly on a quiet day. This pen really is mightier.

    Cue 007 music for my super secret spy pen
    Cue 007 music for my super secret spy pen
  4. Tucked in the door of my car, you’ll currently find a more substantial “spritzer” of the good stuff.  It looks like a fire extinguisher and a hand grenade had a baby, but it will sting like the dickens if you approach my vehicle with harm in mind.

    Approach nervous driver with extreme caution
    Approach nervous driver with extreme caution
  5. This pack also includes two pocket-sized Heatwave cans in pretty little cases. I like that these cases keep the “trigger” covered.  I personally carry a Heatwave dispenser without a case (not part of the pack) in my purse, and I’m pretty sure I’m going to accidentally set that sucker off in the car one day while I’m digging around for loose change. These leather holsters are a smart and convenient addition. Then you have to decide who gets pink and who gets purple…

    These tiny cans are the same size as the jogger, but with a snap-shut leather holster.
    These tiny cans are the same size as the jogger, but with a snap-shut leather holster.
  6. If you’re a mom on the move or the have future track & field Olympians in your house, you absolutely must have the jogger’s version of Heatwave. With a simple elastic strap, you can be armed throughout your run without a second thought about stashing it, dropping it, or defending yourself without it.

    I don't run unless something's chasing me. But if something WAS chasing me, I'd want this strapped to my palm.
    I don’t run unless something’s chasing me. But if something WAS chasing me, I’d want this strapped to my palm.

So, why Heatwave? How is it different from other pepper sprays on the market?

Heatwave is a national brand, but is made right here in Florida and has been packing heat since 1996. It’s non-lethal and has no permanent effects. Ideally, everyone involved in an unfortunate incident could survive, just a little…uncomfortably for those on the receiving end. The bright orange spray immediately makes your target identifiable and tough to blend in. And even they’re quick to clean up, Heatwave leaves a UV residue that would show up under UV lighting during an investigation by authorities.

At Orlando Moms Bog, we love to think local! SDS is operated by a family right here in Central Florida. The owner is a sweet Brit with a love for America and delightfully disheveled hair. You’d expect him to be cuddling kittens rather than volunteering to experience the unpleasantries of his latest taser products. Their mission is simple – keep everyone safe. Even the person on the receiving end of these products will walk away alive, but these tools – when used appropriately – have the potential to buy you and your kids an opportunity to get safely out of dangerous situations.

Drawn to the idea of connecting with their small town community, SDS is moving their headquarters from Orlando to Eustis this fall and will eventually offer women’s self defense classes there, as well. Curated sets like this one are in the works for college kids and spring breakers, which will include date rape drug detectors. These new additions to the Heatwave line are set to release soon but are being announced here first! As an Orlando Moms Blog reader, you are quite literally the first to know, so keep your eyes on their website for more information.

Now the fun part – enter for a chance to win your own personal protection pack! There are enough devices in here to safely arm and protect your whole family. Cats for the kids, spray for mom and grandma, baton in the nightstand for dad. The winner can have peace of mind and security by the front door, in the car, and even at the office. The options are endless, both as part of the giveaway and online at www.selfdefensesuperstore.com. You don’t get the black carrying case shown in the picture, but the toys and confidence are yours to keep. I got the same set to use for this review, and I can assure you that these gizmos will fit in your life in a variety of places so you won’t need a single case anyway.


Personal Protection Pack

*Heatwave brand pepper spray is used by law enforcement and security details. The formula is the strongest legally allowed, but be sure to check all state and local restrictions when traveling.



  1. Truly would love a little extra security. Husband is on the road a lot and has at least one overnight each week. Plus due to numerous appts for my sons I go to many unfamiliar areas and it would be nice to have something with me.


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