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buggy-bench-webWhat do you do, when you have two? How do you go shopping and keep your children restrained safely, without one of your children sitting in the back of the cart smashing the loaf of bread or touching the germ-covered poultry?

The answer, The Buggy Bench.

The Buggy Bench was designed by a LOCAL mother with twins! That’s right! Tiffany Christner of Sarasota, Florida invented the Buggy Bench after experiencing the challenges that twins pose when going shopping.

After I had my twin boys, I quickly realized how much I had to depend on others to help me do things.  I remember lying in bed one night wondering how I was going to go to the store the next day to get my food.  Not only did I worry about one of them falling out, but there was no place to put the groceries, and you can only fit so much under the cart.  I absolutely despise using the stretch-limo sized carts that are hard to maneuver and difficult to find at some stores.

Buggy Bench Inventor and Family

I began thinking of how I could keep my second child safe and seated in the cart. Not only for the convenience of shopping, but for the safety of my child.  Fact is, an average of 20,000 children go to the emergency room each year from falling out of carts!

I knew I had to think of something to help me and all the other moms out there with 2 or more children. Which brought me to design the buggy bench.  It’s nice to know that I can get my shopping done with my twin boys being safely seated in the cart.

The great thing about the Buggy Bench is that it is not for just twins!  I see moms all the time with their toddlers in the basket of the cart and their babies buckled in the front or vice versa.  The Buggy Bench can also be used if you have one child.  Germs cover the shopping carts that your little one is touching, the buggy bench can be used and washed whenever needed.

So what is the Buggy Bench?  It’s an awesome strap-in seat, which secures into the basket of almost any regular shopping cart, and ensures a “back seat” for a second child.  It suspends a few inches over the bottom of the basket, keeping little bums comfy and safe.

The cloth seat has four straps with clamp-like buckles which are secure when wrapped around the rim of a shopping cart. The seat includes safety seat straps, which buckle around the child’s waist to keep them seated. The seats come in three colors – Pretty Pink, Mint Green, and Denim Blue. They are washable and hold up to a 40 lb child.

One lucky Orlando Moms Blog reader will win a Mint Green Buggy Bench! Enter now below through Thursday, Jan. 16. Winner will be notified via email.

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  1. shopping late in the evening is best. less people plus you get those “markdowns” when they are fresh. i once got 8 pieces of seasoned chicken and two french loaves for $2 total

  2. Tuesday mornings… about 9am… Not a lot of people at the stores and my kids are at their best… and snack time always falls during shopping time- score!


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