Guide to Halloween


Trick or treating, costumes, parties and more… here’s your Ultimate Guide to Halloween!

How to Host a Non-Halloween Painting Party

Not everyone celebrates Halloween. Some of our family friends don’t observe the holiday for religious reasons. Here’s our how to, on how to host a non-Halloween painting party!

Family Halloween Costumes

Have you googled “easy family costume ideas” yet?! It’s a bit overwhelming because there are so many adorable ideas! Grab that big bowl of Halloween candy you have stashed away for trick-or-treaters  (it’s okay, no one will know if just a few are missing)  😉 and enjoy this Guide to Unique Family Halloween Costumes!

Non-Candy Halloween Treat Ideas

Whether your kids have food allergies or just generally overwhelmed by the amount of candy kids get each year, it’s always a great idea to consider passing out non-candy treats on Halloween. Here are a few options (that aren’t raisins) that are sure to keep your house from being “tricked” after you give out your treats!

A Safer Halloween with the Teal Pumpkin Project

The Teal Pumpkin Projects promotes a safer and happier Halloween by encouraging households to provide non-food treats as an option for trick-or-treaters who need to avoid candy due to food allergies or other reasons. 

Halloween Tricks And Treats

Halloween is such a fun time of year. Dressing up, sharing goodies and playing little tricks are great holiday traditions. Here are a few of my favorite tricks and treats!

Become the popular house on the block this Halloween!

I remember when my kids were younger, the one thing that would bring our trick-or-treating to a halt was the Florida heat and the dehydration of the kids under their layers of costumes. So including a drink station was a perfect solution for the neighborhood trick-or-treaters!

Tips To Save Money This Halloween

At first glance, Halloween may seem like a low cost holiday. But, if you’re a parent, you know that is not the case. And if you have multiple children, the cost can add up fast. From fall baking and candy, to costumes and decorations. Below are a few tips to help you spend less this Halloween.

Upcycle your Halloween candy stash!

Since your kiddos will be coming home with several pounds of candy this week, we’ve rounded up a few ways to utilize some of their loot, including a few recipes, so everyone can enjoy the bounty. Plus, you won’t feel so guilty snagging a few pieces for yourself. 

Halloween “Uncostumes”

Some kids flat out don’t like to dress up, which can make the search for a suitable Halloween costume tricky. Here are some “uncostumes” — a few simple ideas for October 31 that look like costumes but don’t feel like costumes.

Your Practical Guide to Trick-or-Treating Safety

Parents everywhere are hoping their children remember to look both ways before crossing the street, that drivers remember to use caution, and that all candy gained is safe. Oh and possibly hoping their child gets extra Reese’s or Twix 🙂.

Tips on Handling Excess Holiday Candy

Between school parties and trick-or-treating, my 3 year old collected over 150 pieces of candy. If your house is anything like mine you are probably thinking…so now what. Here are my 5 tips on what to do with all of that leftover not so good for you goodness.

Hold the nuts please!

This year I learned of something called the Teal Pumpkin Project. I brought it to Roy’s attention and he agreed that it was a great idea that we will participate from here on. We will strictly have nut free candy as well as non-food items for those who have other allergies besides nut.

Our Favorite Pinned Pumpkins!

Need some ideas for a weekend pumpkin project? We’ve highlighted some of our favorite pumpkins on Pinterest! Find these ideas and more on our Pinterest board.

Ultimate Guide to Pumpkin Patches

Our Ultimate Guide to Pumpkin Patches in and around Orlando is your go-to guide for pumpkin patch goodness! Share with your friends and family!

Guide to Fall in and around Orlando

Fall is here! So grab your Pumpkin Spice Latte and check out our Ultimate Guide to Fall Events in Central Florida. This guide is your ultimate go-to resource for all things fall! Pumpkin patches, fall festivals, farms & mazes, trick-or-treating, recipes and more!


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