We love tacos here at Orlando Mom Collective. And as much as we love to make our own Mexican food at home, especially tacos, we love to go out!! If you are like us and need some help deciding where to celebrate Cinco de Mayo or Taco Tuesday, we recently asked our audience, “What is your favorite taco place in Central Florida?” and here’s what our fans said!

The BEST spots for tacos in Central Florida!



3. Rocco’s Tacos – Rocco’s Tacos offers a true taste of Mexico within a fun casual environment. When you first step through the door you become part of the atmosphere, joining a diverse crowd enjoying flavors picked directly from Mexico.
Experience guacamole prepared table side, sample from 225 varieties of tequila, order a margarita with a sour mix you’ll taste nowhere else – it’s made right on the premises. Rocco’s provides a diverse menu with distinct attention to detail, including corn tortillas made by hand and cooked fresh on the Comal in our kitchen, just as they are made in kitchens throughout our neighbors to the south.


agave azul4. AGAVE AZUL! Back in 2008 Agave Azul opened its doors with the promise to serve the good souls of Orlando and surrounding areas with consistently outstanding Mexican fare. In a world where promises are often made but seldom delivered, this was the exception. The food and service were excellent and more surprisingly; consistent. As the years passed the standards of food and service have improved largely through our genuine commitment to excellence in hospitality. Agave Azul continues to “Bring more to the table than good food” as we expand our vision. Not only to continue our endeavours to live up to that original promise but also to elevating our ideals in the procurement of our produce, creativity in its preparation and in service to our guests, our community and beyond.


habeneros5. Habaneros! Established since 2001 with 4 locations in Central Florida and serving authentic Mexican food!

wako taco6. Wakotaco Orlando – Located in Longwood!

Garibaldi7. Garabaldis – Their menu includes a wide variety of traditional Mexican food, from antojitos mexicanos (traditional Mexican street snacks) to sabor mexicano (flavors of Mexico). And, of course, everything else you’d expect from the best Mexican restaurants!


8. Chuy’s – With four locations in Central Florida, Chuy’s serves authentic Tex-Mex food in an eclectic atmosphere full of color and personality. The menu offers family recipes from South Texas, New Mexico and Mexican border towns, all made to order from the freshest ingredients.

gringos locos9. Gringos Locos – We pride ourselves on serving the finest, freshest products we can produce. We use fresh, never frozen 100% beef, chicken is cut in house and our pork is slow roasted for seven hours. Fresh tomatoes, onions, cilantro and jalapenos are cut in house on a daily basis. The tortillas we serve are shipped direct and we fry the chips and hard taco shells daily. Our beans come in a bag, not a can. The sofrito for our rice, our salsas, marinades and queso are all made from scratch…Well, you’ve got the idea.


11421346-cocina-214-horiz-logo-4c-dk-brown-copy10. Cocina 214 is a contemporary Mexican and Tex-Mex kitchen. The name is a combination of the Spanish word for kitchen, “cocina” and the Dallas area code, “214.” The idea for opening COCINA|214 developed when two of the owners from Texas missed the Tex-Mex and Mexican food they had grown up eating. They wanted the same authentic, fresh and quality food here in Winter Park.

COCINA 214’s menu combines bold flavors with the freshest local ingredients to create exceptional Tex-Mex – all served in a vibrant, elegant setting.

11. Tin and Taco Founded in 2017, Tin & Taco is a creative spin on not just tacos but also on salad, burritos, wraps and more. With 8 locations around Central Florida, they are serving up Orlando’s best craft tacos and beer!

12. Hunger Street Tacos At Hunger Street Tacos, our mission is to highlight and celebrate the food found in the markets and street of Mexico City, in a venue that honors modern Mexican culture and art.

13. Black Rooster Taqueria  At Black Rooster Taqueria our mission is to create a place where delicious food is swiftly served and enjoyed by people with a passion for art, sustainability and real ingredients. Now serving in 2 locations in Orlando!

14. Reyes Mezcaleria Reyes Mezcaleria is located in the vibrant North Quarter District of Downtown Orlando. Executive Chef Wendy Lopez, a Michoacán native, serves inspired Mexican cuisine that pairs with a unique bar experience featuring craft cocktails and an impressive list of over 140 agave spirits. The team at Reyes strives to honor the cuisine, spirits and culture of Mexico by offering thoughtfully prepared cuisine using the best ingredients possible.  Reyes Mezcaleria was founded in 2017.

15. PR’s Taco Palace A unique mix of Full Service Bar & Casual Tex-Mex Dining. Try some of our favorite dishes including Blackened Chicken Fundido and Chicken & Shrimp Diablo.

16. El sabor de la vida Tacos A taco truck that we apparently need to try! Authentic Mexican snacks, tacos, huaraches, enchiladas, quesadillas and gorditas.

17. Taco Chula Dine in a color-splashed dining room or on the patio to enjoy a range of informal Mexican dishes like delicious homemade tacos, quesadillas, chips and salsa!

18. Soluna Tacos The idea for Soluna Tacos sprouted from our deep love for food and the desire to share it with our community. As avid food enthusiasts, we noticed the absence of a truly authentic birria experience in our area. Determined to fill this gap, we embarked on a culinary adventure, perfecting our recipes and techniques to bring you the most delicious birria tacos you’ve ever tasted.

Do you see your favorite taco spot on our list? If not, what’s your fave? Tell us in the comments!


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