Having a Baby During COVID-19: Virtual Resources Keep You Connected at AdventHealth for Women


Having your first baby is always nerve-racking. There are so many worries and fears and the uncertainty of it all can be downright paralyzing. When I found out I was pregnant in January 2020, little did I know that my joy, plans and expectations, along with those worries and fears would be accompanied by a global pandemic that would make my journey into motherhood even scarier and, if I am being honest, at times a lonely one. What I had envisioned as my first time having a child was nothing like what reality gave me and for a long time, I worried that none of it would be the happy time everyone always talked to me about. 

Midway through our pregnancy, things became better because virtual resources came to the rescue and we finally had an opportunity to do things “together”. One of the first things we were able to do together was the hospital tour, which was virtual. It was such a great experience. We chose AdventHealth for Women, which has four locations in Central Florida. Our physician delivers at The Baby Place in Celebration. The Birth Experience Coordinator at AdventHealth Celebration was so incredibly nice.

Virtual Resources

During the virtual tour we learned about everything including the check in process, the hospital amenities, the new wing that was built for expectant mothers, what to expect during and after labor, and so much more. Even though the tour was virtual, we felt like we were physically there! Our minds were at ease having seen the hospital and having connected with a Coordinator. We finally felt prepared and ready to have our baby.  

Virtual Resources for New Parents at AdventHealth for Women

Having a Baby During COVID-19: Virtual Resources at AdventHealth for Women

Are you or a loved one having a baby during COVID-19? We've partnered with the team at AdventHealth for Women to take a look at their virtual resources so that you can be prepared for your new arrival! Listen in as we chat with Laura Harshman, Birth Experience Coordinator with AdventHealth for Women! You can also check out their virtual resources here! ⬇️https://orlando.momcollective.com/having-a-baby-during-covid-19-virtual-resources-keep-you-connected-at-adventhealth-for-women/

Posted by Orlando Mom Collective on Tuesday, October 6, 2020


The team at AdventHealth for Women made it so easy to access everything we needed virtually so we felt truly prepared for our new arrival. Check out some of their amazing resources below. 

As luck would have it, my fiancée was able to finally accompany me to one of my appointments and much to our surprise and delight, I went into labor!!! Our amazing doctor’s office is located in the building next to the hospital and we were able to take the short walk there and get admitted immediately. Thanks to The Baby Place at AdventHealth Celebration and their labor and delivery staff, my labor and delivery experience was much different than my pregnancy experience. I was no longer alone! From the moment we walked in, we were greeted with kindness and warmth, which really put me at ease. Once the baby was born and we were both cleaned up, I was able to allow my mom to join us via video and welcome her first granddaughter into the world.

Virtual Resources

The virtual options AdventHealth for Women offers do not stop at hospital tours though. Since the birth of my daughter 2 weeks ago, I have been able to  check out some of their other virtual services, which for a new mom still in quarantine like me, have been priceless. Their list of virtual classes include birthing classes, breastfeeding support and classes, baby care classes and even a new mom’s group called The Baby Bunch, which I can’t wait to become more involved with. These virtual services have been such a blessing; they have helped me with the anxiety and fears every new mom faces and they have also helped me prepare better for my new role!

Virtual Resources

Going through a pregnancy during the COVID-19 pandemic was definitely difficult, to say the least, but AdventHealth for Women their incredible nurses and support staff who provided top notch services, both in person and virtually, along with all their virtual services and offerings, made a world of difference and we are we are ever so grateful.


Post by Shanice Satornino, daughter of OMC Team Member Lulu Rivera-Freeman


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