I {heart} My Prince Lionheart Diaper Bag



Like all moms, I usually have a complicated relationship with my diaper bag. I love it when its deep pockets miraculously have that last bag of Cheerios that will stop my toddler from screaming, but I hate lugging around a giant sign that says, “Hey! I’m a mom! There is a 50% chance this bag holds some kind of disgusting proof!”

So when I got my Prince Lionheart diaper bag, I was immediately smitten. Not only is it roomy and fully loaded with the necessities, but it is sleek and modern too; no more diaper bag envy at the playground for me.


Let me give you the rundown:

  • Lots of pockets on the inside of varying sizes keep everything organized and let me separate my lipstick and wallet from the diaper cream and teething tablets.
  • Two end pockets, one of which is insulated to keep the beloved water cup cool (or bottles warm if you still have an adorable baby).
  • Two humongous pockets for diapers and wipes. Never leave home without them as our parenting motto goes.
  • One giant pocket on the other side with a closure. Perfect for stuffing in that thing I had to run back and get because its Vi’s new favorite thing and we can’t possibly go down the street without.
  • A key clip helps me with my everlasting struggle to actually have my keys in my hand fast enough to get in the door without dropping everything I am invariably holding in my arms.
  • Stroller straps: I can finally find what I need without crouching on the ground. #blessed.
  • A huge bag for dirty duds. Really, no description of necessity should be needed.
  • A diaper changing mat because heaven forbid she poops before we leave the house.
  • Easily cleaned black exterior with grew trim and a waterproof light grey interior. Oh how we have tested it.

Diaper Bag-04

I love how neutral it is, since I have always veered away from those busy prints that are super cute on their own, but often totally stick out with what I am wearing that day. And my husband doesn’t mind carrying it, which I call an awesome bonus.

So, yeah; I love it. It’s a quality bag that retails for just $35. It looks great and it stands up to substantial abuse, including being dragged around the house by a toddler wearing oversized sunglasses chanting, “Coffee! Coffee! Coffee!” I swear, I have no idea where she gets these things.

Lionheart Bag Review


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