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Being pregnant in Florida can feel a little different than other places. This can be a good thing (no need to buy an expensive pregnancy parka) or a less-than-good thing (have you been 40 weeks pregnant in August here?). Luckily, we have lots of options to help us make the best of those nine months.

To celebrate the launch of the new Hello Baby! Pregnancy App from Orlando Health Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women and Babies, we have rounded up some of the best supplies you will need as your baby bump grows. Full of helpful resources and tools, Hello Baby! is the modern mom’s guide to pregnancy with expert info, insights, and weekly developmental milestones. Created with expectant Central Florida moms in mind, this is the best pregnancy app if you are considering having your baby at Orlando Health Winnie Palmer Hospital. With perfectly timed tips from medical experts and resources to prepare for your delivery, Hello Baby! will be your one-stop app for all the info about your baby.

Here are some other must-haves for your Central Florida pregnancy.

A Good Water Bottle or Tumbler

winnie palmer hospital hello baby pregnancy app ello devon tumbler
Ello Devon Tumbler found on Amazon

With sweltering weather pretty much all year, you need to have water on hand all the time, but especially when you are pregnant. It helps if you actually like your water vessel of choice, so take some time to pick one out that works for you. Some people like straws, others like a lid that can close so they can toss it into their bag. Size matters too: don’t choose one so big that you can’t bring it with you in the car, but remember that many doctors recommend at least ten cups of water a day. The Hello Baby! App includes a very handy water consumption tracker, so you have an easy way of making sure you are staying hydrated.

Bump-Friendly Swimsuit

What is sweeter than a baby bump at the beach? If you enjoy getting your bump out when the sun is out, you will definitely want to invest in a swimsuit that will accommodate your belly. You can either rock a two-piece or find a supportive one-piece. Either way, having some fun in the sun would be the best time to document your belly with the cute “Take a Bumpie!” feature on the Hello Baby! App (so you’ll want to look cute!).

Flowy Maxi Dresses

winnie palmer hospital hello baby app pregancy dress
Geckette Maxi Dress found on Amazon

This is one time the Florida heat might work in our favor, since a comfy, roomy sundress can work for both pregnancy and postpartum (no need to squeeze into jeans!). The long length makes them extra flexible, since you won’t have to worry about the front getting too short as your belly takes up more room. You can wear this breezy style long after you give birth, making it a worthwhile investment for maximum mom comfort. Make sure to include at least one on your Hello Baby! App packing list to wear home from Winnie Palmer, and you will be picture perfect.

Hurricane-Proof Birth Plan

If your due date falls between June 1st and November 30th, you will want a solid plan for how a hurricane might affect your delivery. The Hello Baby! App is full of information about creating your birth plan, pre-registering at Winnie Palmer for your birth, and even scheduling a tour so you can ask questions about how they prepare for hurricane conditions.

Living where the rest of the country vacations can be pretty amazing during your pregnancy if you are prepared with what you need to stay cool and comfy. With the Hello Baby! App, Orlando Health Winnie Palmer makes it easier to find all the information you need to have a happy and healthy Central Florida pregnancy—and beyond! The app will even give you guidance with monthly updates through your baby’s first year of life. If you are a pregnant Orlando mama, check out Hello Baby! and see how good it can feel to have everything you need at your fingertips.



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