Holding my breath for the verdict


verdict Chauvin Trial

I’m sure it’s not just me. If you’ve been following the news, you know there’s a jury deliberating an important case that has many moms like me holding our breath for the verdict wondering, how do we talk about this with the kids. 

My kids are 15 and 11, so we have conversations about pretty much anything and everything at our house. This morning in the car, I was dropping off my daughter for another day in 5th grade.

But the conversation went from hair clips to heavy …

Isn’t that how most heavy conversations start? Our kids, without skipping a beat can go from wanting to know why I chose to wear not one, but TWO hair clips today, to ending up on much heavier topics, and in our case today — the #ChauvinTrial. Chauvin Trial verdict

How do we navigate these hard conversations? How do we encourage the hearts of our children, especially during a time in their life when justice and peace are hanging in the balance?

In that split second when our conversation shifted from light to heavy, I’m thankful that I had just the right response and a quick moment to pray and put her heart at ease before we got to the end of carline. Almost like a full circle, I remember when I was little, I’d watch my mom pray for hard situations. For peace. A good outcome. Justice and mercy. I’m hoping to share the same with my kids. Prayers for peace for George Floyd’s family. Peace for every one of us who are holding our breath, waiting on this verdict that could cause so much more hurt than has already been caused.

My heart has been so heavy. Maybe yours has, too.

It’s ok to share our hearts with our kids. To pray together for peace and justice. Find ways to promote unity and share love, especially today. Let’s discuss important topics and make our homes and our cars places where conversations are always welcome. 

If your kids are a bit older like mine (tweens & teens), are you talking about heavier topics? I’d love to hear from you & other moms about how we can have hard conversations, filled with grace that help unite us. 

Chauvin Trial verdict

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