Fall Bucket List!


Updated October 13, 2020

Fall Bucket List
Fall Bucket List

I know it’s still a blistering 90+ degrees out there in this hot Florida sun, but since the calendar now tells us it’s fall, I feel like now it’s time to help us start FEELING a bit more festive. I grew up in Massachusetts, and while I have now been living in the sunshine state longer than I have been away from the bay state, it is still hard for me to ease into each change of the season, especially fall and winter, with our lack of weather changes down here.

What do I miss from New England at this time of the year? ….the crunching of the leaves under my shoes, the brilliant colors of those changing leaves, long drives through the winding roads of New Hampshire and Vermont…. and, stopping at the stands on the sides of the road during those drives to buy fresh, hot apple cider and maple candy. Yum!! I also miss the crisp, fall air on my face and wearing sweaters.

To help all of us mamas get in the mood for some fun for what lies ahead of us over these next few months, I have put together a “Florida friendly” Fall Bucket List. These are things we can do, even if we are still wearing shorts & flip flops!


What items would you put on your Fall Bucket List? Is there items I put on my list that you would leave off? I would love to hear from you in the comments below!




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