Hand me downs

Hand-me-downs – hands down – have been a godsend to our family. In addition to second-hand children’s stores, my children are clothed in pre-worn duds about 90% of the time. Better yet, you would never even know and my bank account gets to breathe a sigh of relief.

Here’s the deal. Kids clothes are adorable yet overpriced, sized appropriately yet minimally worn. The reality is that kiddos seem to grow so quickly that on average they may wear an outfit 3-4 times before it is too small, out of season or stained. I love finding cute outfits just like the next gal, but I have learned to embrace the art of handing down and have graciously accepted any and all of my friend’s hand-me-downs. It feels like Christmas every time a mysterious bag shows up outside of my door and I love going through all of the “new to us” items.

The kicker is, hand-me-downs aren’t just limited to tops and bottoms. The best hand-me-downs are those things that you might not even think about passing on to the next momma.

Here are my top 5 (unconventional) children’s hand-me-downs that made me a believer:

  1. Underwear – Yep, you heard me. Underroos are not only expensive, you need a lot of them! As long as they are washed and don’t have any “remnants” in them, if you get my drift, I say go for it!
  2. Plates/Cutlery – Sippy cups, small utensils and plastic plates are always welcomed in our house. If they aren’t in the best shape, keep them in the car as a spare set or send them to Grandma’s house. Pacifiers and bottles can also be passed down and used as a primary or emergency resource.
  3. Clothes hangers – These last forever,  so why not reduce your carbon footprint? No need to buy new if your best girlfriend gives you her cute mini hangers. Those new-to-you button downs need a place to live!
  4. Recreational Goodies – life vests, bike helmets, cleats, roller skates. These spell fun from the word go and may even introduce a new hobby to another family.
  5. Shoes – household cleaner and a sponge works wonders on gently used footwear. Even if your shoes don’t look as good as new doesn’t mean they don’t have many more wears out of them. Pass them on!



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