How To Choose Toys For Your Toddler


Mother and her two year old son are shopping for toys

If you have a growing child, you know how challenging it is to keep them entertained. Some toddlers need something to play with to stimulate their senses and stay in a good mood. That’s why toys are great materials for parents who want their children to have fun and learn. You can use kid-friendly items to play with your toddler and teach them simple concepts, like shapes and colors. However, before you choose toys for your toddler, you should take note of the following things first:

Check The Age Recommendation

One way to determine whether a toy is appropriate for your child or not is by checking the age recommendation on the packaging. Some toys will indicate the advisable age range of kids who can safely play with them. For instance, products with small pieces may not suit children under the age of three as they may not understand what the pieces are for. Furthermore, some younger children tend to put things in their mouths, so giving them tiny pieces isn’t safe. It’s advisable to get toys that fit your toddler’s age.

In addition, you can consider the child’s maturity when choosing playthings for them. For instance, if they seem to be bored with their toys, you can give them more dynamic items to play with. Stores like Gage Beasley Shop have a variety of products you can check out if you’re looking for children’s toys.

Choose Educational Toys

The first years of your kid’s life are essential to their growth and development. This is when they experience various things and learn about new concepts. So, it’s a great time for you to provide them with learning materials that’ll spark their interest and knowledge.
It may be an excellent choice to invest in ones that challenge your toddler’s senses and skills when purchasing toys. For instance, giving them building blocks or puzzles may encourage them to use their problem-solving and motor skills. You can also choose colorful items to help stimulate their imagination and creativity. You can use the toys you have at home to teach your child simple lessons, like identifying colors and shapes. By giving them dynamic play items, you can see how they understand and process new ideas you introduce to them.
In addition to educational toys, you can provide them with different items that have varying textures. For example, you can give them soft and fluffy stuffed animals and toy figures to engage their sense of touch. This will help them develop their visual and tactile skills, and learn how to associate appearances with texture.

Examine The Material

One critical aspect you should inspect when buying toys is the materials they’re made of. Some items for kids may contain harmful materials or chemicals, like toxic paint or plastic. If you hastily give your child an unsafe toy, they may ingest toxic compounds, which will harm their health. Hence, you should be careful when shopping for toddler items.
If you want to ensure the items you’re getting are non-toxic and safe, you should check whether the packaging indicates the composition of the toy. For instance, if you see that there’s lead or phthalates on the toy details, then it’s a warning sign not to purchase it. These chemicals are harmful to a child’s health and may cause various complications when ingested. Hence, you should opt for kid-friendly products that guarantee the safety and health of your toddler.

Think Long-Term

You should think of toys as an investment you can utilize for years. Instead of getting items your child outgrows quickly, it may be a great idea to find things they’ll still find interesting after a few years. For instance, toy cars that resemble real ones or puzzle pieces they can mix and match can still be interesting even when they get older.
Giving your child toys that last will not only save you some money, but will also prevent too
many toys from piling up in your home. Furthermore, it’ll ensure your child will have enough time to make the most out of the playthings they have.

Beautiful toddler child girl playing with toys on the carpet

As a parent, there are various considerations you need to keep in mind when making decisions for your child. For instance, you need to be meticulous when picking toys as it may influence the growth and development of your child. When shopping for play items, check the packaging of your desired products to see whether they’re age-appropriate and toxic-free. In addition, it may be an excellent investment to give your toddler toys that spark their creativity and senses. This way, they can learn while still having fun with their playthings.


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