Your first kiss. Your graduation. A dream vacation. Life is full of beautiful moments that we won’t soon forget, even as the years go by. Positive, happy memories can be a bulwark in times of stress or uncertainty. Of course, it’s easy to fall into a mundane routine or let the little things slip away in the wake of everyday life. So how do we create moving moments that will have an extraordinary impact on our lives? After all, we are the stories that we tell ourselves—and we can only tell this inspiring story if we remember it.

We’ve rounded up our favorite ways to live meaningfully and memorably to make the most of our every day before it’s gone.

Create Moments of Joy

Imagine sharing a dish at your favorite diner, tearing up at a moving sunrise, or seeing your little one smile just because. These moments stand out because they had a powerful emotional impact on you.

After all, memory can often be triggered by moments of heightened emotion, or times where you feel a great sense of joy, engagement, motivation, or amazement at your situation or surroundings. If you feel the need to capture the moment, whether that be through your camera lens or mind’s eye, you’re probably experiencing such an event. 

Create happy memories by pushing yourself to participate in activities that trigger such a state, like going to concerts, sharing a great meal, or spending time with your loved ones. You have the power to create positive memories and shape your own story along the way.

Celebrate ‘Firsts’

Memory research suggests that we’re better at remembering our formative years, and any ‘firsts’ that occurred during this time. Think of first dates, first loves, and first steps. People love these times because it’s a way to celebrate—the novel, the extraordinary, the power of experiencing something powerful for the very first time. 

If you’re older, you may find yourself thinking that you don’t have very many firsts left. Sure, you’ve made big strides, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any more milestones to celebrate. Break the script in your own life and do something novel and new. Take your first instinct, and do the opposite.

When you defy expectations, even your own, you may even surprise yourself and create lasting memories along the way.

Build Connection

Perhaps the easiest way to create happy memories that will last a lifetime is to put yourself in a situation where you will bond with those you love most. Think about a recent family vacation, a special party, or sharing a holiday meal with your family. These events stick out because you were able to deepen the connection you felt with those around you—and those warm, fuzzy feelings? They’re here to stay. 

If you want to look back on these memories fondly, it’s important to bring them into the tangible along the way. Celebrate these meaningful events by capturing them in the moment and printing them on custom decor to display throughout your home.

Looking back on special moments is a great way to rekindle the same feelings and harness the power of your experiences and positive emotions.


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