How to Enjoy Summer Trips with Kids

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Summer is upon us and that means lots of summer fun, awesome camps, and family vacations. However, if you’ve traveled as a family before, you know it presents many challenges, especially with kids in tow! Our friends at Kids R’ Kids Avalon, want everyone to have a fun, safe summer vacation, so they’ve come up with some fantastic tips on how to enjoy summer trips with kids- make traveling with your little ones as enjoyable and stress-free as possible.

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Plan Ahead

Not every destination is right for every child, so when you decide that it’s time for your family to get away, plan for your child’s age and temperament. Does your child prefer to nap in the afternoon? If so, consider planning a flight where they can sleep at their normal time on the plane. Furthermore, you’ll want to plan a destination where your child will find enjoyment, too. Maybe you have your heart set on Las Vegas, but there may not be enough there for your child to have fun depending on their age, so look for a destination that offers something for everyone.

Keep the Kids Engaged

The strategies for keeping your children engaged during a getaway depends on their age. Infants are pretty easy to travel with because they can chill out anywhere as long as they’re comfortable, and you maintain their normal eating/sleeping schedule.

Once your child reaches the toddler stage, things become a little trickier. While toddlers are energetic and easy to entertain, they have a tendency to want to explore as much as they can, so it can be a challenge to keep them still when required. Some experts recommend stopping at a park, playground, or hotel pool during your travels if you can to let them release their energy — this allows them to have fun and make them a little easier to manage when you have to focus on the rest of your trip.

For children ages 5 and up, it’s wise to allow them to be involved in the planning of the trip as much as possible. Some ideas are to let your kid choose an activity or place to visit that’s on the way to help keep them interested during the trip.

Lastly, many families have horror stories about traveling with teenagers, but it can be fun for everyone if you allow them to plan part of the trip. Teenagers are naturally developing their sense of independence at this age, being forced to stick to your itinerary during the vacation might make them feel like someone who’s just along for the ride. Consider letting your teens plan a destination or allowing them to explore on their own as long as it’s safe once you arrive at a destination to give them the freedom they need at this stage.

Pack Light

It’s tempting to take as many outfits, toys, gadgets, and other “necessities” as possible during your trip. But remember that the more you bring with you, the more you have to lug around. This isn’t so bad when you’re driving, but flying is bad enough with one carry-on; now imagine one carry-on and several suitcases to lug around the airport — you’ll burn yourself out before you even get on the plane. Of course, remember to bring the essentials, especially if you’re traveling with young children, like a change of clothes, extra diapers, and snacks.

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Don’t Overdo the Adventures

If you’ve ever watched the comedy, Vacation where Clark Griswold takes the family on an across-country trip, stopping to have many adventures along the way. While that makes for a funny movie, cramming too much into your itinerary can be exhausting not just for you but for your kids. Remember that spending quality time together is what’s most important during a family vacation, not seeing every sight along the way.

Kids R’ Kids at Avalon, wants everyone to have a fun, safe summer vacation. And, when you’re ready for fall, they have wonderful programs to educate and prepare your child for their upcoming and ongoing education. For more information, call to schedule a tour at 407-306-9035 or fill out our online form.


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