How to Help Your Teen Select the Right College


When your kids are entering their senior year of high school, they will really start to think about where they want to go after they graduate. And if they decide that they want to continue their education by attending classes at a college or university, it will be time to start searching for the very best school for them. But with so many choices, how can you and your teen decide which one is the right one? Continue reading for a few helpful tips. 

First, Think About the Degree That Your Child Wants to Pursue

One of the first things to consider is what your son or daughter plans on majoring in at college. This will immediately help narrow down your options, especially if the degree program they want to pursue is not offered at all schools. 

For example, if your teen wants to work towards becoming a medical professional, you may realize that not all schools will provide the right foundation for this type of career, and some schools might not even offer the right programs to get your child on the right track. 

So, before you even start considering colleges and universities, see if your teen has a firm grasp on what type of degree they need to get in order to follow their dreams. 

Will Your Child Be Dorming or Commuting?

Another thing to think about is whether your child will continue living with you at home while they go to college, if they will be dorming at the school, or if they will be moving out and renting a place close to their school. Depending on where your son or daughter plans on living while they are pursuing their college degree, you can find a school that will be in the ideal location. 

If your teen is planning on dorming out of state or living far from home, finding the right school can be a bit more challenging because you will be doing research on your options from remote until you can travel to see the campuses in person. On the other hand, if your child is planning on staying closer to home, whether they move out or not, you may find it a lot easier to hone in on the schools that are available in your area. 

Consider How Safe a College Campus Is

Whether or not your teen will be dorming at their college or university, it is wise to do some research into the safety rating of a school before deciding on enrolling there. Some schools are safer than others, and having your son or daughter attend one of the safest schools in the country is sure to give you greater peace of mind. Remember, there are a variety of crimes that can occur on a college campus, even though it is supposed to be a safe place where students go to learn. Possessions can get stolen, dorm rooms can be broken into, and assaults can happen, so it is important that your teen is aware of the risks and knows how to stay safe. 

Doing some research can reveal helpful information on the safety status of a school you are interested in, and can also help you access lists of schools that are considered the safest in the nation. For example, you can check out this helpful article from Nuwber. But, in addition to doing research, you can always contact a school directly for more information as well. 

Bottom line: there are a lot of things to consider when choosing a college for your teen, so take your time and work together to make the right choice.  


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